Friday, January 29, 2016

No Regrets

One of the most memorable  Celebration of Life I attended was that of Jason Spence.  Jason is a good friend and our teaching pastor at Hope Chapel. He suddenly died a day after Thanksgiving in 2013.  I still can remember how the news came to us as a shock. He died peacefully.  I think it was about a week (or less) that the celebration of life was held. There his wife Toni Spence spoke about "NO REGRETS". She said they are a family of no regrets. Even though Jason's death is so sudden, he lived a full life, according to God's calling in his life,  and there was no regret.  Their family love each other and spent time together - there again is "no regrets".... those two words left a mark on me ad we left Hope Chapel that day.  In my own life I wondered if I can say that ... if my family can say that ....

Would there be many "what if's" and "I should have's" or "we should have's" in my life if I suddenly die? I hoped not, and decided not to let that happen.  I desire to live my life to the fullest, to live a life according to my calling.  There might be some unfulfilled dream, unfinished tasks, but if my time comes I hope there will be "no regrets".


Jennifer said...

I didn't know Jason, but I know he impacted the community in a great way. We'll be going to our friend Steven's Celebration of Life next weekend. He was just a year older than me...and also impacted the Maui community in a big way. It always makes you think about priorities in life at a time like this. Love you, Liza!

<3 Jennifer

Richard C. Lambert said...

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