Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Happy Hump Wednesday

Yesterday, Tuesday, was a good day.  Many important tasks accomplished. Today, Wednesday, will be great. Will continue to accomplish tasks one at a time and not be stressed by it.

We are still sorting out our health insurance.  Praying for wisdom on what to do.

Maui weather is overcast this morning.  The cat next to me is asking me to pet her .... so now i am typing with one hand.

Maui Monopoly is this weekend. I'd be glad when its over so I can focus on other tasks.

Praying for my young adult kids Gardner and Noelle. Thankful for the fine young people they have become. Praying for a good now and a bright future for them. 

This is going to be a short post, but that's ok.  Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday. Aloha!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Stop Worrying And Start Living

Last night I listed to  Dale Carnegie's Audibook on How To Stop Worrying and Start Living.  It's the best book on anxiety that I have encountered and I highly recommend it.

I will embed the video at the end of this post so you too can listen to it if you want to.

It seems counterproductive that I am blogging here at Liza's Eyeview when I have so many other blogging commitments that I have to fulfill. But this is my therapy of sorts. I think I've said that before.  This is how I sort so many things on my head.

There are many other things that are causing stress in my life (like the fact that we don't have the funds to send out kids to college and it really bums me out) but I'd rather focus on the blessings in my life and what I can do to make things better - one day at a time.

So here's the embedded audio books in case you want to listen to it too:

Saturday, November 11, 2017

This Thing Called LIfe

My plan today was to upload several blog posts at A Maui Blog.  I uploaded none.

I slept in; stayed on bed with hubby (which is usual because I usually get out of bed very early)

Went o Farmers Market; came home and cooked Nilaga (my kids know them as Potato Soup) because Gardner is under the weather and I wanted him to have some home made soup.

I took a nap after lunch thinking that I'd do the blog uploading when I wake up from my nap.

When I woke up from my nap,  I thought I better have dinner for Brad because he comes home early today. So I cooked spaghetti.

I thought I'd just work on A Maui Blog after dinner.  But then hubby asked if I wanted to watch a movie with him.  Since our date night is pretty much just watching Netflix (because it's an inexpensive date) I said yes.  Afterall, it's weekend.  So we watched this movie called "Made of Honor". Sweet love story.  I enjoyed it.

After the movie, Brad was going to watch another one and I told one movie is all I can handle.  I excused myself and went upstairs to browse facebook.

Via FB I found out that our friend Gary Workman just passed away.  No details on the cause of death, but we gather it's sudden and unexpected.   I am sad for his kids  (they are young adult kids) especially for his daughter who he adores and they have such a great Father and Daughter. Praying relationship. Praying for his family in this time of grief.

We can make plans, we can set goals and plan for the future. However, in reality, we really don't know how long we are going to live,

Time to go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be another day. And I will enjoy it to the fullest.  No need to stress, just trust ... do whatever I can them trust it will all turn out right.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Writing Down My Thoughts Worked

Me as one of the Judges in the Master Pinoy Chef cook-off 

Yes, writing down my thoughts on this blog worked!  I am able to reduce my anxiety (that overwhelmed feeling of there's so much too do with so little time) and was able to focus on doing the tasks one step at a time.

Today I was able to submit my article for Fil-Am Voice. It was about my experience on being a judge at the Master Cook-off.   It was due  last week. It was partly done this weekend but was not able to wrap it up.  Thankfully I got it done this morning.

Yesterday I received an email from Liza's Eyeview.  I realized that it still has subscribers so maybe it's not only me that's reading this post.  If you are still subscribing and reading this ... well, hello! Glad to be connected with you again!

There are still many things to do but I am not feeling as overwhelmed as I felt a couple days ago. In fact I was able to sleep better last night which is a good sign and a good thing.  You see lack of sleep makes us anxious and when we are anxious our sleep is disrupted. It's a cycle that has to be broken and I think writing my thought and doing things one step at a time broke that anxiety-less sleep cycle.

On to another day. It's Thursday and it's a beautiful day. Till next time. Aloha!

P.S. - Oh wait ... its FRIDAY today! Bwah ha ha ha! Happy Aloha Friday to us!  (yep, I posted then realized its Friday so I had to edit - ha ha ha)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Today: Keala o Wailea and Maui Monopoly

Yesterday I went back to writing freely on this little corner of mine in the internet. It's sort of a restart. A reboot.  It actually helped.  I felt a little load of stress got off my brain as I dumped some thoughts into the blog.

And so I am doing that again TODAY. And maybe everyday from now on.  But we won't worry about that.  I will focus on TODAY.

Today at work I need to:

Make sure all the invitations for the Keala o Wailea (KoW) Holiday Party and Blessings invitations are mailed out.  or at least the ones for Buyer and their realtors.

Complete set-up for the evite for KoW - Upload list as soon as I get the list from Daniel/Bob.

Upload KoW photos on the blog.  I was supposed to do it two days ago; but since it not super urgent - other more urgent projects of mine got done and this one didn't.  But I must do this today. This morning.

Maui Monopoly Tournament 2017. Lots to do.  Nine (9) days left.  Meeting this afternoon. I need to get ready for it:

Update website: Add donation button; Add auction items;  Create a binder.
Create the Ad for Maui News
Update Press Release - coordinate with Jen PR
Step and Repeat?

AND THEN ... we have a new Broker and 3 New Agents at Wailea Realty Corp. I need to add them and their bio etc to all 3 websites we have:  Wailea Realty, Windermere Maui,

I think I'd stop here for now.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Because Writing Is A Great Way to Clear My Mind

Oh hello Liza's Eyeview Blog. It's nice to be here again.  I am back to do what I used to do.  That is to write freely and swiftly to clear my mind or at least sort the stuff that's in my mind.

So many things have happened in the past few weeks.  Mom (my mother-in-law) Donna passed away.  Brad and I flew to Connecticut. Attended her beautiful memorial service. Spent time with family and friends. It was a good visit. Mom is now at rest peacefully.

Now back to Maui.

Need to catch up on work.  And housework. And Projects.

As much as I love my Aunty Pineapple Persona I had to send her on hibernation status.  Because I need to find time to do the things I need to do (and not just the enjoy doing).

I need to eat healthy.  Wait. Need to re-construct that sentence.  Postive mindset, remember?  OK, I will now eat healthy; starting today.

I also will exercise. Start walking again tomorrow.  Maybe run a little bit.

I left my Bible a couple weeks ago at Hope Chapel. I still have not gotten it back.  It's my most favorite Bible. Must call tomorrow their office tomorrow.

Miss my family in the Philippines. Hoping to be able to visit early next year.

OK. I'm stopping here for now.

Don't want to make writing here stressful.

This is my mental break.

Will be back.

A good read: