Sunday, August 7, 2016

Because Short and Random Is the New Way to Connect

One of my Snaps ... just random pic like this:)

When my family leaves for work on Sundays, I get into this panic mode of "what do I first, and what do I do next?".  I feel a bit guilty that I am the only only one who do not work on a Sunday.  But then I know I shouldn't feel guilty about it.  Because really, it like I am being a "stay at home mom" on Sundays ... I still work, just a home ... chores to do meals to plan and do, etc.  Oh yeah, I do take advantage of Sundays to "rest" and "connect with friends" otherwise, because it's good for mental health and well being.  When my family are tired and grouchy from working too much, I need to be the calm one (i hope :) ).

So this will also explain why I limit my "non-family activities" on Saturday and Sunday mornings - because that's the prime time when all of us are at home.  I was going to run the Vicker Hero Run today but decided not to because that will mean I'd be there and my family will be home. I'd miss spending time with them. The "kids who are not kids anymore" will be going away to college soon (next year) so I try to get as much time with them as I can (that is if they are not working ot spending time with their friends).

So I haven't been blogging much at A Maui Blog - and it still was voted the  "Best Local Blog on Maui" for 2016.  I love my loyal readers.  When they don't see me blogging, they connect with me via Facebook Page A Maui Blog. So I guess, in a way I am still sort of blogging.  Which brings me to why I titled this post the way I titled it.  You see, blogging takes time.  It's a bit easier to blog the way I am doing right now (on my personal blog), just typing away, sort of conversing with you - but it's still longer than just snapping a pic.  And for a Maui blog, what is really needed for the post is for me to do research ... try out products, experience an event or know information about upcoming events for the blog post to be relevant and substantial. Then I really have to sit down and write, upload photos, and revise draft, and proof read ... you get what I mean. Well, I must admit I haven't done much of that. So busy with my day time job and just being with the family.  BUT, I am still sort of blogging and connecting via Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat.  So I didn't mean to use this post to justify my minimal posting on A Maui Blog ... but I that came to my mind and so I typed.  I have plans to revitalize that A Maui Blog though ... I just need to put that plan into action. Maybe you can make me accountable :)

August 10, 2016 will be my mom's 5th Anniversary of passing.  Five years in heaven already.  Every time I think of her, and I think of myself as a mom now, I am ever so grateful for the love and sacrifice she's done for us.  She was not prefect but I can see now how she tried her very best to raise us to become the best we can be .... and she is the best mom for me.

Ok, my blogging time is up. Till next Sunday. Aloha!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Grateful at 50

It's my 50th birthday and this morning I decided to write a post on "Fifty Things I am Thankful For".  I am pretty sure you will find  yourself in the list. I wanted to write more (expound each item), to tell stories and reasons on why they/you are important and also to name names but this post will be so long and I am sure I won't be able to post in time, so for now this is just the quick list version. I am grateful for:
  1. My parents, my Tatay and Nanay
  2. My brothers, Joseph and Relly
  3. My husband, Bradley
  4. My sister in laws, Ate Baby and Gem
  5. My children, Gardner and Noelle
  6. My nephews and nieces - on both sides including kids of cousins; special mention to Jay-em, Joshua and Eli.
  7. My "in-laws in-love” (family from Brad’s side)  Mom, Jeff, Connie, Brynthia and also Holly and Jay
  8. My Tito’s and Tita’s on both side of the family
  9. My cousins on both side of the family (love all my cousins!)
  10. My childhood friends at 491 Apartment
  11. My elementary school classmates (Aguinaldo Elem. School)
  12. My elementary school teachers
  13. My friends in Hagonoy, Bulacan
  14. My high school classmates/friends (Quezon City Science High School)
  15. My high school teachers
  16. My college classmates/friends (UST - Usniversity of Sto. Tomas)
  17. My college professors
  18. Anthony Co and Abigail Florentino for sharing their faith which in turn made me surrender my life to Jesus.
  19. My pastor and boss Dain and Diana; and for Harvest Christian fellowship
  20. My radio pastors Chuck Smith, Chuck Swindoll and Greg Laurie 
  21. St. Ignatius School and Bella Marie
  22. Living on Maui
  23. 22 years of Marriage
  24. Hope Chapel Maui - my past work (my boss and pastor Craig and the staff and elders), past ohana, and current friends at church
  25. Spencer Homes, Joyce and Jesse and everyone there
  26. Hanai Family on Maui - Keplers, Nakagawas and Mochizukis
  27. Sweet friends at "Maui  Women Live Out Loud” 
  28. "Parent" friends (friends who started being friends because of our kids)
  29. Out Pets, Sonny, Bob and Gus
  30. Good Health - for me and my family
  31. Previous employers and friends I met there
  32. Current job at Wailea Realty and friends I have there
  33. Blogging and peeps who became friends through it
  34. Social Media and peeps who because friends through it
  35. A beautiful house with a pool
  36. Food on the table each day
  37. Vacation and Happy memories
  38. Technology - my laptop, Iphone, Facebook  etc.
  39. Schwabbie Friends - never met them face to face but their help at were tremendous.
  40. Maui Sunset and sunrise too!
  41. Rainbow on Maui
  42. Nice and Peaceful Neighborhood; good neighbors
  43. Vacations and Memories
  44. Music I enjoy listening to and Books I like to read
  45. My kids friends
  46. Beautiful flowers that surrounds us
  47. Friends (have I mentioned friends already? :) )
  48. My Car, and Brad and Kids cars as well
  49. Missionaries and Ministry Workers around the world
  50. Last but not the least … in fact the most important of all - Grateful to God for giving me life …. and its a beautiful life.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Power of Words ...

Lately I had been pondering about the power of WORDS in our lives.

Lately I have been drawn to the many tender words expressed with love and wisdom, like these:

Ronald Reagan's Love Letter to Nancy

Joey+Rory's blog - Rory's tender words sharing their lives with us.

Lou's Prophetic words as he expresses his dreams and vision and passion.

Kristin's Blog. Words of a mother, that oh, I can so much relate to.

And this letter of a Dad to his daughter

And the Open Letter to Strangers  who helped her get through one of the most difficult time of her life


This phrase Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me - this is a lie. It is wrong. It was a tool to avoid retaliation when verbally bullied or abused. It served its purpose then, but in reality ... words used the wrong way, harm.

Hateful words.  Condescending Words.  Accusation and Lies.  These words harm and can eventually indirectly kill a person. But words use to encourage? Ah, those words can bring a dead person back to life.

So much to write about WORDS, what we say and how we say it.

In closing, this is the verse I got for my Quite Time today:

"Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" - Psalm 119:105

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Vision and Goals

Girlfriends and I did a "Vision Board" back in December 2015 to get ready for the New Year 2016.

It took me a while to finish mine. I did a vision booklet instead of a board.  Actually it's not fully done yet, but it's getting there.

I often browse through the book ... making sure that what I do each day is in line with the vision and goals I have put together in there.

But here's the thing ....

I only have 24 hours each day, with limited resources.  I have been realizing that accomplishing all my goals is just not  going to happen ... or not going to happen quickly. OK, let me change that mindset right now. It's going to happen, maybe not as quickly but it will.  That's why it's called "vision", right?

Why can't they be all done or all accomplished quickly? Because there's conflict. There's always conflict somewhere.  Conflict in schedule. Spend time with family? spend time with friends? Spend time in work to earn a "living", Spend time on exercising because its important for my health...  Another thing, "budget" (for example I want to go see some shows and spend time with family or friends, but the buying a ticket for a show is not in our tight budget. It's a luxury we can't afford at this time).

I constantly have to choose among good things ... several good things on my plate but I can't do them all...

Today some of the choices are: 1) walk or write (write won)  2) Late morning: Go hiking with girlfriends (sounds so much fun! at Ioa Valley!); attend baptism with church family at Kam  III Beach (it's always great to support those who are getting baptized); spend one-on-one time with the hubby who is recovering from a surgery (he is fine and can actually go out and drive so it's not like we're stuck at home); de-clutter my house (it's overdue for de-cluttering

Back to the vision board. I think, even though I can't do all of them,  it still helps me. It pushes me to accomplish what otherwise I would just say "I can't"..... for example, writing (blogging).  I had been blogging more this year. Like what I am doing right now.  It's a good thing.

Now, because I had been writing more in the morning, I also had been walking/running less. I'd tell myself I'd just run midday or in the afternoon but that does not happen.  Hmm... here we go again.

The truth is, in life we have to constantly make choices.  We can't have them all.  We have to seek that which we are called to do and that which we are made to accomplish. And by seeking that and knowing that, then we can have at peace in doing some things and not feel guilty about not being able to do all things.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Call It Grace

  • It's the light that pierces through you
    To the darkest hidden place
    It knows your deepest secrets
    But it never looks away
    It's the gentle hand that pulls you
    From the judgment of the crowd
    When you stand before them guilty
    And you've got no way out

    Some may call it foolish and impossible
    But for every heart it rescues it's a miracle
    It's nothing less than scandalous
    This love that took our place
    Just call it what it is
    Call it grace
    Call it grace

    It's the breath that's breathing new life
    Into what we thought was dead
    It's the favor that takes orphans
    Placing crowns upon their heads
    It's the hope for our tomorrows
    The rock on which we stand
    It's a strong and mighty fortress
    Even hell can't stand against

    Some may call it foolish and impossible
    But for every heart it rescues it's a miracle
    It's nothing less than scandalous
    This love that took our place
    Just call it what it is
    Call it grace
    Call it grace
    Call it grace

    Amazing, Unshaking
    This is grace, this is grace
    Unchanging, Unfailing
    This is grace, this is grace

    Some may call it foolish and impossible
    But for every heart it rescues it's a miracle
    It's nothing less than scandalous
    This love that took our place
    Just call it what it is
    Call it grace

    Publishing: © 2013 Centricity Music Publishing (ASCAP) / CentricSongs & 2 Hour Songs (SESAC) / Integrity's Alleluia! Music / Farren Love and War (SESAC)

    Writer(s): Words and Music by Jon Lowry, Chad Mattson, Seth Mosley, Michael Farren

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Marriage and Forgiveness

Brad and I's relationship is a classic example of "opposites attract".  It's a great binding force that provides strength, confidence and security when we are together, but it is also hard work.  "Conflict Resolution" is a skill we had to learn and master in order for our relationship to survive. And we are continually learning. It never ends.

We have grown through the years.  This year, in October,  we will be celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary.  23 years ...

Our marriage is well at this time, but in no way it's perfect. Two imperfect people simply cannot have a perfect marriage.  There no such thing as perfect marriage. But there is such a thing as perfect love. And that perfect love, which only comes from God, is the foundation on which our marriage is built.

Yesterday, our day started out great.  But just before Brad leave for his work, I asked something and the "slightly sarcastic" reply he gave me pushed a hot button (or a raw nerve) that I actually screamed back at him. Whoah! Where did that scream come from? I knew I shouldn't be screaming. It was an inappropriate response.  My scream irritated him and he said something, which in turn made me scream louder. Whoa again! It was bad. With a very stern face and voice he told me not to scream at him.  Then he left for work. I calmed down. By the time he came back to work late at night, we are back to normal conversation.

Are we ever going to discuss what happened at that time before he left Costco? We should. But I don't know if we will.  On Tuesday will be the last of the 4 week "class" on marriage we are attending at Hope Chapel with Karen and Joe.  We will miss it because Brad is going to have a surgery that day to remove the lipoma on his chest.

23 years.  Our marriage is an adventure for sure.  Lots of ups and downs.  If someone asks me what is the key ingredient for us to make it this far, I would say there are many, but one of the most important ingredient is FORGIVENESS.