Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

Happy Thanksgiving! Guess what? Our Christmas Tree of 5 years died today. It’s been a  family tradition for us to put up the Christmas Tree on the night of Thanksgiving with the help of our friends the K’s. Tonight we tried to so do, but the lights on the tree just won’t turn on. 

Ha! If you know me, you know  I love Christmas and Christmas Trees. This could have been a very sad time for me. However, I have learned during this 9 months of COVID19 pandemic that we really can’t hold on to things ... that we should be flexible because anything can happen.  My husband has been wanting to get a smaller tree instead of this big one for a while now, so I guess this is the time to do it . We had this big Christmas Tree for 5 years. Instead of trying to fix this by adding lights I think we will just get a small tree.  

We will have a small tree this year and forward.  

Other than the tree, the Thanksgiving Day was great.  It’s a small group this year. Just us 3 (N, B and myself). I talked to G on the phone and we had a good conversation. Our friends the K’s family came for dinner.  Brad baked his famous and most loved Apple Crisp. We did turkey in the rotisserie. I forgot to put the green bean casserole in the oven when it was time for me to put it, so we didn't have the green bean casserole for dinner.  I decided to put it in the oven anyway. Then we ate dinner. After dinner we went down for some relaxing dip in our jacuzzi. Guess what? I had forgotten about the casserole. And since I didn't put it in the timer because I thought we'd just be upstairs and I'd remember to take it out ... well, it was overcooked (a.k.a. burnt). 

Ahhh, but life is good and we are thankful.

How was your Thanksgiving Celebration this year 2020?

Reviving Liza's Eyeview - Full Circle With a Twist

While it seems counterproductive to start another IG account on top of all my projects right now, I think this is a good thing. I need an outlet for my thoughts. And sometimes, releasing my thoughts and anxieties into a post is cathartic.

Here is what I wrote on @lizamaui's instagram:

On one hand I wanted to make this Instagram account public because I desire to inspire people with my life and writings, on the other hand I want to keep this lizamaui private because I post photos of my family and I respect their privacy. 

I needed a place for me to be authentic. I needed a place for me to “dump” my thoughts, to unwind, to unburden, to muse, to reflect. In the process I want a record of my struggles, my failures and successes. 

A place to share my joys, celebrations and lessons learned. 

My hope is for my children and grandchildren to read it and learn from it. A legacy of sort. 

No, this is not just another social media account. It is so much more. After all the musings a revelation popped. I’m going full circle. 

Back to where I started. I’m blogging back at Liza’s Eyeview ... but this time it’s gonna be different because my thoughts will also be on Instagram, with videos and such. 

So, I won’t be posting much here @lizamaui, but you will find me at @lizaseyeview (that is if you want to find me; no pressure in following it though. Only follow if it will help you, if it will inspire you or simply make you feel better. I may or may not follow you back.) It might actually be entertaining. Who knows. I’d just keep on doing what I do best ... reflect, reflect, reflect. 

(P.S. - I placed @auntypineapple in hibernation to give room for @lizaseyeview in my phone ☺️🦋🌈🌺)

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Re-Start and Life Scale

Today is a tough sobering day. A young lady we know died in an accident. She's 19. It was sudden. She was full of life and very much loved.  Praying for her family and loved ones, especially our friend who loves her so much.

Life is precious. It is also fleeting.  We don't know when it's our time to go. Make the most of it. Love. Love deeply.

I had been thinking about restarting this personal blog. Today seemed to be the right day, so I did. I use this blog to retrospect and introspect.  I like it when I can think out loud. I know I attempted to revive this blog several times now. It is ok. Not giving up. Just doing it without pressure.

The month of June 2019 is almost over. Half of the year is almost gone. How are you doing with accomplishing your goals for this year? Me, so and so ... inconsistent. I'm doing a restart on July 2019. Want to join me? 

I am planning to write more on my Prayer Journal (offline) but I am also planning to be consistent on my journal entries here. Yes this is going to be on my online journal ... something to keep me accountable - a combination of  "brain-dump" and "introspection journal".

A Maui Blog is going to be upgraded to a full website instead of just a blog. My friend Erik is helping me do this.  Have lots of plans. I am telling myself I can do this. 

There are many times when I "envy" people who are naturally organized. They are naturally great accomplishing the things they need to do and fulfilling their goals.  But alas, I am reminding my self today to not envy. I am who I am. I come with gifts and with imperfections. Sure I have to work hard to be organized and follow through with my plans and goals.  That is ok. I am who I am.

Using these 2 books. One Thing and Life Scale as my guide to Re-Start. 

The following contains affiliate links. Won't cost you anything but I'd get a commission when you purchase through this link:

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Random Thoughts on Stage of Life & Marriage

Brad and I's 25th Wedding Anniversary is coming up soon.  We are practically empty nesters although not exactly yet ... I think we'd be fully empty nesters when kids graduate from college.  At least that's how I look at it.

This week Kula Farms' Pumpkin Patch Opened up and Maui Fair happened.  I love going to these two, but Brad does not.  When the kids were small and at home ... I made it a point to go, and if Brad didn't want to go, I take the kids and we go.  I think these two events/activities are good memory makers for families. Anyway, the point of my post is that I think we have reached a new blissful stage in our marriage that even though I wanted to go to Kula Farm and Maui Fair, I was fine just doing errands and staying at home with Brad

Last Saturday,  I went with Brad to Home Depot and Costco.  I would have rather stayed at home and catch up with chores but I know he enjoys having a company doing errands so I went.  Then we walked Sonny at Keawakapu (yes that photo was taken there) Then we went on a casual "date" for dinner in one of the usual Mexican restaurant we go to. Then we watched several episodes of "Designated Survivor".

OK,  time to go to bed.  A hui hou.

Miracle Morning (Part 2) - Affirmation

My Personal Miracle Morning Affirmations based on the Bible:

1. I Am fearfully and wonderfully made. - Psalm 139:14

2. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - Phil 4:13

3. For God did not give me the spirit of timidity,  but a spirit of power, love and of self-discipline. - 2Tim 1:7

4. For Jesus came that I might have life, and life more abundantly.  - John 10:10

5. Not by might, not by power, but by my spirit says the Lord. -  Zechariah 4:6

Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short, and Life is Simple yet Complicated

I love Sunsets. It has a calming effect on me.  My husband and kids know that too.  The photo above was taken last Sunday.  After walking Sonny (our Italian Greyhound) on the beach, Brad drove up a street in Wailea where there is an unobstructed view of Maui Sunset. Not only do I love watching sunsets, and I love sharing it too (which explains this photo :) )

This week I found out that two of my friends got divorced :( - I was surprised.  I thought things were going great, but apparently, they were not. This made me sad a bit. Divorce is hard.  Needless to say, I am praying for these two friends ... praying for the next chapter of their lives whatever that is ...

On the other hand, one of my dear sweet friends got married.  This made me joyful and I wish them the best.

And that title I have ... it's a famous line by Gretchen Rubin (my new favorite author) ... that line "Days are long and years are short" is good reminder especially for mothers with young kids. Because it is true. Just like the saying "time flies fast".  And how about the "Life is simple yet complicated"? Well, I said that ... I don't know if someone else has quoted that, but that's just my random thought that I wanted to add in the title. And i think if you are alive, you kinda know what that means. :)

There are so much I want to share but I am already yawning.  I decided that I will blog when I can with no pressure.  Blogging back here at Liza's Eyeview (which is now is for catharsis and reflection.  No need to worry about what others will say.  No one will probably read this because I am not sharing this on social media.  Ok, some may read because the blog is public.  But that is ok.  It's like the good old bloggin days, before social media came about. I like it better that way, at least for personal blogs. 

So bye for now, and see you tomorrow. Yes, will blog tomorrow again.