Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taking Snail Eggs Off Taro on Taro Field in Keanae

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Anonymous said...

Great pics Liza! They take the viewer right there!

Hazel said...

i didn't know they grow on water :) cheers from Bangkok!

Karen said...

Oh Liza..I love those pics of you in the patch. You just radiate health and vitality. What a nice mental break from all the stresses of daily life to get out to Keanae and pick off snail eggs!! I love it!
Love you too.

Ladybird said...

Great pictures! I didn't know that it grew in water either. How cool! Happy WW!

Lillybell said...

sounds like an unpleasant job but you look happy and like joe and karen say you do radiate health :) it makes me feel healthy to look at you !