Thursday, March 26, 2009

Totally Random Thankful Thursday Post

I have been logged in the Internet for almost an hour it was all totally random.  Quick visits on some blogs I follow (left a comment or two), quick look at new blogs I discovered, quick peeks at Twitterville (did about two tweets myself), then moved on to quick scanning of the e-mails that arrived in my in box from the last time I looked at it. Random.  Totally random.

I meant to type a Thankful Thursday post last night, but fell asleep instead.  It was a busy Thursday. Good busy but still busy enough for me to neglect posting on my blogs that day. Posting on my blogs has never been a burden for me, it's more a relaxation actually.  However, like what I mentioned in my previous posts, I need to guard myself and make sure I don't neglect other important tasks in place of blogging.

Today is Prince Kuhio Day, a holiday on Hawaii. Hubby is off work. Kids are on Spring Break.  I think  I would use this time to "re-focus".  Speaking of re-focus, didn't I just said this is a "Thankful Thursday" post? Before I continue to ramble I think it's time to share my thankfulness or else I would get distracted again. So here's a random list of the things I am thankful for this week:

1. Unemployment Benefits - this is making it possible for me to spend more time at home.  A blessing in disguise so to speak.
2. Joe and Karen - Thankful for their friendship. I am sad to see them move far away.  But I cannot be selfish - I think it's the right move for them.
3. Husband - oh I whine about him every now and then, but when I really think about it God picked him perfectly for me. Iron sharpens iron so to speak.  
4. Spring Break - enjoying it. Enjoying G and N
5. My family in the Philippines are doing well. I am thankful that my brother Joseph is blogging too so I get the updates from there 
6. My brother and his family in LA are doing well. So thankful for my nephew Elijah - already a year old - wow!
7. Todd and Laura and their kids - nice to see Laura and the kids yesterday and nice to read Todd's comments here every now and then.
8. For my Mac computer - loving it!
9. Sonny, the Italian Greyhound. This dog is getting spoiled and I'm the culprit!
10. For the Keplers
11. For the Spencers
12. Thankful that I am living on Maui. 

So glad I am able to list some of the people and things I am thankful for. Now it's time to face the day and continue to be productive.

For for thankful hearts, visit the hub for Thankful Thursday here.


Lipstick n Laddles said...

So many great things to be thankful for =)
Beautiful post!


Laurie Ann said...

Great list of blessings! Happy Thankful Thursday to you!

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your blessings.

Karen said...

Oh, I just love that post. Love that I'm on it too. But I have to express my own gratitude to you---now that I'm a blogger, I am even more impressed by what you did for us in Remembering Joey. Your gift of compassion and sensitivity and expressing comfort is truly amazing, Liza. You saved us with that gift and we are eternally thankful for you.
PS thanks for teaching me how to blog and I hope I get to squeeze in one more lesson from the greatest blogger of them all!
Love you beautiful friend.