Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time Management - Are You Good At It?

Since becoming officially unemployed, I had been "privileged" to to have "more time" in my hands than what I used to when I was employed. One might expect that my house will now be squeaky clean, our laundry always folded promptly, our dishes washed right away and dinner on the table are always homecooked and healthy - Ha! in my dreams!

It seems like I am busier than ever. The only difference is I am busy with different things other than what I was busy before. I guess I should be thankful for the flexibility I have. I am. However, I need to be careful. I need to always watch how I use my time because I need to use it wisely.

For example, today, Thursday, there are many things in my list that I wanted to do. The dishes, laundry and cooking are really not a priority. Blogging ... well... it's sort of a priority. Don't raise your eyebrows. I know... it sounds like an excuse to do the things I like to do. But you see, I have a goal ... and if I am to accomplish that goal for this blog then I need to put this blogging thing on top of my list. My husband would argue but he does not read this blog anyway so he can't really argue ;) (nah, he's been more supportive lately - he now reads occasionally so he might see this).

Back to time management, I really have to watch myself and discipline myself to accomplish the tasks that are important and urgent. Not just urgent, but the important and urgent.

One of those is making sure that my son's Middle School arrangements are in place. That said, one of my goals for today is to write a "viewpoint article" about STEM to be sent to Maui News. I have not done that yet. It's already 1:30 in the afternoon. So... I am logging off for now and I won't check my blog, twitter, facebook, or e-mail until I have a decent draft of my viewpoint article. Fair enough? OK, logging off for now....

(When I come back I would talk more about time management. I know... I know.... I need to log off. A hui hou!)


Anonymous said...

I want to believe that i know how to manage my time, now that i am a WAHM, too. but this is far from possible at times! lol

just bumped into your blog. hoping to visit Hawaii one day. :)

Coconut Girl Connie said...

love this post, Liza, as I too, am now officially unemployed and at times feel like a fish that has been caught and is flopping around on the sand! But I am going to get this time management thing down! a hui hou