Thursday, June 12, 2008

42 Blessings...

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart;
and lean not to your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he shall direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6

It's my birthday today - 42nd birthday! To celebrate, I decided to write down 42 things I am thankful for in my life. Actually, this may end up being more than 42. Bottomline is this list shows how God has been faithful in guiding me.

So now...let's see... I am thankful for:

1. My life
2. My husband. He's not perfect, but he's the perfect one for me. And if time will go back and I will have a chance to choose, I will choose him, and will marry him all over again. God chose him to be with me and so he makes my life complete.
3. My kids. My firstborn son G and my youngest daughter N. They are my pride and joy.
4. My parents - Tatay and Nanay. Without them I won't be here. A lot of who I am is because of them.
5. My brothers and their families. My older brother Joseph is the "big brother" in the real sense of the word. He's the responsible one who always looks after me. My youngest brother Relly is the "baby brother". he's the sweet one - the one who gives us joy.
6. My extended family - aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.
7. My in-laws - they love me (I think they do ;)
8. The old apartment I lived in for 27 years, and my parents continue to live in (now in their 45th year...)
9. Aguinaldo Elementary School. Oh, I love this public school where I went to. I am thankful for the friends I had there. I am thankful for the teachers especially Mrs. Recto, Mrs. Sarampote, mrs. Questin and Mrs. Carlos.
10. My childhood friends - Myra, Yayam, Christine, Liza, etc.
11. Quezon City Science High School - the best high school as far as I am concern. I am thankful for the things I learned there, and the friendship I've had. High school brings a lot of good memories to me.
12. CMLI (Children's Museum Library Incorporated). I especially am thankful for the CMLI Baguio Conference. It added a lot to my self esteem and equipped me to have some leadership abilities.
13. Dennis - I met him at CMLI. He added to making my high school life beautiful and exciting. He made me feel very special.
14. University of Sto Tomas. I love my college days. I am thankful for the opportunity to study at UST, and thankful for the friends I have had there. I thankful to graduate with a B.S. Psychology degree.
15. Abigail and Anthony. These two shared all about Jesus to me. Because of their sharing I heard the Gospel and gave my life to Jesus Christ.
16. Marissa Andres - my first discipler. I love her so much.
17. A New Beginning Radio Program with Greg Laurie. My first "church" (radio program I listened to because I couldn't go to church at that time)
18. Harvest Christian Fellowship
19. Dain and Diana Wadley. Dain is my former boss and pastor in the Philippines.
20. Clay -He made me realize two things: 1) love at first sight can happen 2) I love Jesus more than anyone else.
21. Decision 87, 88 and 89 outreaches and pastors conference.
22. Lausanne II in Manila where I became a staff.
23. Ricky Ryan and the Missions Team from Hawaii.
24. Meeting my Husband.
25. My wedding.
26. Coming to the US. Moving to Maui.
27. Hope Chapel - the church I go to now. One of the most loving church there is.
28. The first house (actually a condo) we bought at Keonekai.
29. Friends on Maui.
30. Filipino Stores on Maui - a place to buy Filipino food to satisfy my ethnic cravings.
31. Carmex - no more cold sores!
32. The house we live in now. With the pool. Never in my wildest dream have I thought I'd own a house like this.
33. My job. I work in the best family company there is. I love my job and I love the people I work with.
34. My kids teachers.
35. The former Schwablearning On-line Community Network. When I discovered my son is dyslexic, this website "saved my life". The friends I met in the message board there were "life savers" for me.
36. Savers and Ross (thrifty shopping :)
37. My senses - I love it that my senses all function well. I love smelling flowers, and herbs. I love feeling the ocean, and looking at the sunset....
38. My birthday celebration today, yesterday and tomorrow.
39. Journaling - it's a great way to express my soul.
40. Our cats - I am not a cat lover, not a pet person, but I am thankful for our 2 cats, Bob and Gus.
41. Worship - the most profound connection I have with God.
42. Blogging - epecially the many friends I met through blogging.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Liza, you always make me smile.
God is so Good to us, what would we do without our personal relationship with him.
I love you

Unknown said...

Hi there! Happy Birthday!! God has been so good to all of us! More people should realize His blessings!!

Anonymous said...

I wish you a very happy birthday. I loved going through your list of 42!

guiding lights?

Katrina said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love your list; it reminds me of how generous God is in my life, as well. I better get! I hope your day is wonderful, Liza. :)

paisley said...

quite an extensive gratitude list.. happy birthday !!!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Liza!!! What a great way to celebrate, by remembering your blessings. Thanks so much for sharing!

His Girl said...

happy, happy happy birthday!
here's to love, Light, and laughter!

danni said...

happy day to you --- the Lord is good to us, no two ways about it - i try very hard to remember that in the bad times too

Anonymous said...

beautiful list!

Tammy Brierly said...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! You are truly blessed Liza. Great list!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Liza!!!! What a list! Here's to a wonderful 42 years and to another wonderful 42 years to top the first set. May your year be full of God's blessings and love!!!
~Your sister in Christ~

LA Nickers said...

Gratitudes without platitudes. Love it.

God is good.

Happy birthday.


IN MY FATHER’S FIELD, at Nickers and Ink

Steve said...

Happy Birthday

GreenishLady said...

Happy birthday to you! Hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful year.

Patois42 said...

Lots to be thankful for. Happy birthday!

Unknown said...

Hi Liza!

Belated happy birthday! I hope you had a great time on that day, as with everyday.

Life is an awesome gift. May you enjoy it to the full!

God bless you!