Monday, February 11, 2008

Run For The Whales, Maui 2008

Saturday February 9, some co-worker and friends (Ron, Ben, Byron and Shannon) and I, participated in the Run For The Whales Fun Run. We did the 5K run and it was fun!

It was a last minute decision for me. And knowing that we would be staying up late the previous night because of The Music Man, I was afraid I would bail out. I did not pre-register so it would have been easy for me not to show up on the run. Good thing I asked Ron to give me a ride to this event because my husband has a Taekwondo class at that time and I didn't want to drive to the event myself because I wasn't sure where exactly it would be and my sense of direction is bad.

6:45 AM Ron picked me up and we arrived at the parking lot at 6:55 where the shuttle bus will take us to the START. Before the race started, our friend (and our boss) Mark showed up to show support (nice guy :) ). I'm glad he brought his camera and took some pictures of us because I wanted to have some photos of this event but didn't want to bring the camera while I run. So thank Mark for the photos here :)

Ron, Ben, Byron, Shannon and I did it! We finished the race, and finished it well. They served fruit and muffins for breakfast; we got a T-shirt; and one of the best part for me is that we got a free massage after the run! Yes, free 15 minute professional massage! That's worth the run for me ;)

It really was a fun run and I'm definitely doing it again next year, and that time my daughter and I will do it together.


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

How awesome Liza! Way to go!

I think I might even be inspired to run, with the promise of a free massage! ;)

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Liza you look so good!!!! :)
and well done to you all

Kathryn & John said...

You're a good girl, Liza!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Liza! Got to love a women who says she had fun doing a 5k.

You are awesome!

Mixednuts said...

Aside from the good the run did for the whales I am sure it was also good for your health.

Unknown said...

Way to go, Liza!! So proud of you for sticking with it. And the massage - what a treat!

Good for you, girlfriend!

Kathy in WA said...

Fantastic job, Liza! Way to go. Aren't you so proud of yourself? I know we all are.

You are an encouragement!

Duckabush Blog

Real Life Sarah said...

Congratulations! I'm in awe of anyone who can run like that! I'm sitting here at the computer, but my aerobics class starts in 30 minutes. I'm glad I saw your post, because I need to get motivated to go!

PS, I love the Music Man!

Britni said...

Signing up for races is always a good motivation.. .I need to get motivated soon!

tootie said...

That's awesome about your run. I just started running, and I'm really enjoying it! (And I never thought I would.)

Thanks for the inspiration!

Forgetfulone said...

Wow! That is awesome!