Monday, February 11, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday: Valentine For My Mother In Law

My mom-in-law and I at the Lavender Garden
during one of her visits here on Maui

I had not been a very good daughter-in-law recently. I have been very busy "taking care" of my parents that I just left it up to my husband to "take care" of his mom. He's very good at calling her on the phone. She lives in Connecticut. I am very bad at calling people on the phone to start with. I am not good at conversing so it's good that my husband is good at it. But my mother in law likes talking to me, because I always try to be as encouraging as I can, so I need to make sure I call too (she needs a lot of encouragement right now).

And this is what I want to tackle tomorrow Tuesday. I need to:

1) Call the florist and order flowers for her to be delivered on Valentines Day.
2) Mail a card and a gift even though I know it will be late :(
3) Call her tomorrow because I know I will be busy on Valentines' day and will forget or run out of time.

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Katrina said...

Along these same lines, I need to be better about keeping in touch with the older members of our family--my husband's and my grandparents. Since they don't all use the internet (my main way of staying connected with everyone else), they don't get to keep up with my kids pictures on my blog and look in on what we're doing. I need to call, and write actual letters, and your post reminded me of that. Thanks!

Clickin Mama J said...

Great ideas. I need to be more consistent about staying in touch with others too.

Forgetfulone said...

That's so sweet. Great tackle. Love the picture, too.

Melanie said...

Yes this is very true. I also need to be better at keeping in touch with family, mostly my hubby's side.

Come check out my first Tackle it Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet tackle! You sound like not only are you a great daughter, but a great daughter-in-law!

Heather said...

What a sweet and thoughtful tackle for Valentine's week! Your mother-in-law is blessed to have you in her life. Good luck! Hope you get it all done. ;o)

Nicola said...

What a great tackle! Very sweet!

Anonymous said...

You're a wonderful daughter-in-law. Don't beat yourself up for not taking care of your MIL while you had your own parents there. You can't do everything!

If there is a way you and your MIL can have a good relationship, make every effort. And it sounds like you are!

My MIL is very difficult and gets more so every year. At some point, I've had to realize that I can't have a relationship with her. It's really too bad, but at least I've got the peace that comes with doing all I could and having my husband's support.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Amber said...

I need to do better about keeping in touch with some of my family members, too. Thanks for the reminder. Happy Valentines Day! :)