Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fun Holiday Weekend and Frantic Tuesday

Let me start with the "fun" part. we did lots of family fun:

Friday night was hanging out at home relaxed and not worried because it's the holiday weekend :). Hubby and kids watched Naruto DVD while I blogged (gotta love that :).

On the side note about Friday, we found out that our friends the K's went out with a bunch of friends for a group date night. You see we have this bunch of "free childcare" coupons on this gymnastics place and they used them on that night. Hubby was bummed that I did not coordinate with our friends about going with them because CK invited us (CK told me about it, I mentioned it to hubby a couple weeks before but we didn't get to talk about it in details and I did not call back our friends).

Saturday morning, hubby went to Taekwondo class in the morning while I took the kids to the Whale Day at the Park (it's sort of a fair/carnival). AfterTaekwondo, hubby went to Costco to purchase a new dining furniture set (that's another post).

While on Costco, hubby talked to KK on the phone - found out their family is watching Spiderwick that day. Hubby called me to ask if I'd want to go with them. We planned to go with them so the Whale Day time was cut short but that's ok because we like spending time with our friends the Keplers. After the movie, we ate dinner at the mall. Then one of their sons came home with us to play with our son. At 8:15 hubby took him back home and hubby and KK went t a movie (Jumper..jump start?). I watched Naruto with G and N. Correction: G and N watch Naruto while I slept on the couch. I wanted to bond with them by watching this manga cartoon with them but I couldn't keep awake. Anyway, they appreciated the fact that I made the effort to watch with them instead of letting them watch by themselves while I blog ;)

Sunday morning, we went to church. It was excellent. Danny Lehman was our guest speaker. I learned a lot and enjoyed the worship singing tremendously. After Sunday service, N was invited to spend the day and night with her friend L (her friend whose family taught her how to surf). So N went with the Lynch family and G came home with us. At 5 PM Hubby went to dinner with co-workers and straight to co-workers house for "game night" (computer games). I did some chores at home while I let G watch some more Narutos. At 9 PM G was in bed asleep - then I read blogs :)

Monday morning, I blogged a little at 6 AM :) then hopped on the treadmill and did my 45 minutes exercise. Then I baked brownies to bring to the Family Fun Day and Baptism at the beach. I found out that one of my daughter's best friend (whose mom is also one of my best friends) is getting baptized, so I quickly made a lei while waiting for the brownies to get done. At that time hubby and G are already at the beach (which is actually just 5 minutes away from where we live). As soon as the brownies were done, I headed to the beach. Had a great time hanging there, celebrating with the people who just gpt baptized, eating yummy food at the potluck, chatting with friends, enjoyed the time spent with Kelly and her son Kainoa, spend a little time with Cassie, the Tomizawas, and Valeria. Hubby had to go to go for a little so all these time it was just G and I there (N was still with her friends, they went to a different beach) and we had a good time. Around 1:30, hubby called. We decided to head to the beach where our daughter is hanging out so we can watch her surf. G ended up surfing too. It was great hanging out with the L's.

Now, here's the "complicated" part. Because hubby was having such a great time hanging out with the L's that day (we're all having a great time), he decided on the spur of the moment to invite them for a cook-out in our house. Now please don't get me wrong... I love this couple and I think it's a great idea to invite them for a cook-out in our house... but I think at this point my "social tank" is already full, I wanted just to go home and have a quite night at home to get the kids ready for school the next day and me ready for work. I tried to tell my hubby that it's not a good idea to have dinner that night, that we should have it next Sunday, but it was too late. And so we had a cook out. It was fun. After dinner we watched the DVD Surf's Up and had a blast. I really enjoyed spending time with them.

The thing is, now it's Tuesday morning - time to go back to work and kids to go back to school and I am feeling frantic! I am trying to convince myself to be thankful for the wonderful weekend we had and stop being anxious about today thinking the many things I did not accomplish over the weekend. I am tempted to call in sick. Yes, mentally sick as in frantic. I am thinking of getting a mental health day today. But it does not sound right after already taking a day off yesterday (our office was open and most employees went to work - i did not).

And so, i think this vent on this blog helped. Pardon the typos and grammatical errors (I am sure there are) but I am now logging off to get ready for work. I will add some photos to this post later, but for now, I need to take a shower.



UPDATE: Guess I found while doing a quicke bloggie checkie before I hop in my car to go to work: Mental Health Day :)


Kathryn & John said...

Whew! I'm worn out just reading what all you did. We have a rule in our house (not always adhered to, but...) that we only do one other social thing outside of church on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Soooooo did you take off or go to work. I am assuming you went to work. :)
I have been home sick for the last 2 days, today I actually feel better, just tired. But it has been refreshing to be off the crazy treadmill of life we are on! If you NEED a day off take it!!!!

The weekend sounded fun. I love how you are getting that exercise in faithfully! Yo go girl!!