Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things I Need To Do Tonight (or very early tomorrow)

1. Go to church and attend a Thanksgiving Eve service (done)
2. Eat Apple Crumbs my hubby baked - YUM! (done)
3. Neaten up Island (huge island full of clutter)
4. Load laundry (Thank God for washer)
5. Fold laundry (wouldn't it be nice to have a folding machine?)
6. Neaten up living room (just because guests are coming ;)
7. Blog - Thursday 13 (in progress)
8. Clean the sink - put dishes in dishwasher
9. Watch a movie while folding clothes
10. E-mail friends (early tomorrow)
11. Write To Do List for tomorrow (must do tonight)
12. Kiss Hubby Goodnight (ok, maybe more than a kiss)
13. Sleep

Happy Thanksgiving! For more Thursday 13, visit TTHQ here.

* My other TT13 Thanksgiving Edition was posted a couple weeks ago HERE.


Natalie said...

#12 makes me smile! :)

My TT is up

Anonymous said...

Lots to do, I see!

Anonymous said...

Tehehehe, I'm so with you on #6 ;)
Happy TT and a happy Thanksgiving!

Greets Julia

Anonymous said...

I love your #12!!!

Anonymous said...

yum bless your hubby we LOVE apple crumb

busy busy busy u

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

I want a laundry machine!! Great list!

Forgetfulone said...

Your list is so much more do-able than mine - which is why mine is called things I WANT to do, not things I WILL do! Happy Thanksgiving.

Linda R. Moore said...

Sounds like a busy time!

Happy TT. I was busy with mine this week, too. ;)

Susannah said...

Happy Thanksgiving T-13! Come visit me when you get a chance. Blessings, e-Mom