Saturday, September 1, 2007

A busy weekend and there after...

Frazzled. I like that word. I think that describes me best at this time of my life. The book I am reading with the same title is helpful. I recommend it highly.

Yesterday was a lovely day
. No, really. I had done some things that I had been procrastinating on doing so I am glad some of them are over and done with (like the mammogram). I still have several dentist visits to go to, there are still a lot of doctor visits I need to schedule for my mom and I. In meantime, I am anticipating a lot of social events in the next 4 months. Our calendar is getting full. I get "tired" just thinking about it. I mean, it should be all fun, except that I "lack" the time to have whatever time is used for fun takes away the time for "chores" and the chores accumulates.

One of my best friends, V, resigned from her job so she can have more time with the kids. She used to be the only one I am close with who works. Most of our friends are stay at home moms. I am glad for V that she can now spend more time with her kids.

Another best friend of mine, C, started a part-time job in the school where her sons go to (17 hours a week I think). The school is lucky to have her.

I wish I can lessen my working hours, but I do not see that happening in the near future. So, frazzled I would be. My kids needs to memorize their multiplication table but I can't find the time to really do this with them. Week days are hard, and weekends are supposed to be "fun".

I went to Savers Thrift Store today. I brought Tatay and Nanay with me so they can get out of the house. I think Nanay enjoyed it - Tatay not so much. What was I looking for at Savers? Well, tomorrow night we are going to this 50th birthday party and it's a 60's theme. It's a huge party that will be held in this nice golf club restaurant. We need to have a "cool" costume! I bought 3 choices. Maybe I can take a photo of me later and you can help me pick which one to wear.

Did I already mention I am going to BUNCO tonight? If not, then now you know: I am going to a BUNCO night tonight. It's at 6:30 PM. Hubby asked me if he can invite the husbands (and the kids) of the wives who are playing bunco. I thought that's a great idea. What I didn't know was that he told them all to come at 3:30 PM - bunco starts at 6:30. So much for my plan to "de-clutter" or "relax". But actually, no one really showed up at 3:30 (their wives told them not to ;). It's now almost 5 and K just arrived. I know I'd be busy tonight and tomorrow so I'm posting now. Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I will still be your friend who works! :)