Friday, August 31, 2007

Hardwares In My Jaw, The Boobs Shots, and A Bottle of Vicodin

Well... that title should draw some people off Google Search ;)
(If you're one of those who got drawn by googling boobs shots, maybe check THIS out.)

Today I went back to the Orthodontist to do the second stage of my dental implant. He opened up my gums and exposed the screw (oh, pardon me, I didn't give a warning to those who can't take this kind of "opening the gum" talk). So anyway, I now have screws with caps in my mouth. Three of them! Yes, 3 sets of screws and metal caps! I have a feeling the airport security check will go off when I walk in because of all these metal in my mouth.

After an hour and a half of this process with the orthodontist, I immediately drove to Kaiser to get a Mammogram. Out of the blue, Kaiser called me 3 weeks ago saying that my doctor recommended I take a mammogram. And since this is the only time I could do it, I did it anyway despite my dental surgery in the morning. It's my first time to have a mammogram. I asked the technician if it's going to be like a photoshoot of my boobs, and she said "pretty much". But oi, it wasn't just a photoshoot - I didn't know that they had to press it hard when they take the shot. Oh well. Bottomline, it's better safe than sorry - and since I am already 41 and haven't had any mammogram done, my doctor thought it would be wise to get one.

And so now I am staring at this bottle of Vicodin in front of me. I need to take some because the anesthesia in my gums are wearing off. I just decided to do my post for the day (for the night actually) before I take this, because for sure I'd be sleeping in tomorrow (and will go to bed early tonight).

Nigthy night...


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Well I hate that you are going through all this, but your post title made me laugh! I hope you are feeling OK for the long weekend!

I have my second boob photoshoot next month. It's soooo thrilling. ;)

Liza on Maui said...
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Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Liza I cringed as you told us about what your dentist had done to you
then I laughed for your apology
bit late my dear
never mind

hope you arent in much pain
and that you recover real quickly

Anonymous said...

hope your mouth survives!!!
and...yes... that's the most amazing post title i've come across in a LONG time! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh my what a day!!! I just had my mammo the other day.......aka, the boob smasher!!!

Glad you could have a sense of humor about it all!