Saturday, July 7, 2007

Dyslexic Driver and Dyslexic Husband

We had a party today at our house for G. It's basically to get together with everyone from G's taekwondo dojang. One family was late. The dad politely explained that he followed my hubby's direction (to our house) written in the invitation. He was supposed to go to P highway and turn left...but there really was no left turn at that particular road. So he went to the next intersection and turn left there. Long story short, they were lost. The real story? Hubby made a mistake on the direction he printed on the invitation. It's supposed to be "turn right" on K street. Hubby was quite embarassed. Then he recovered and explained that he's dyslexic.

Yep, hubby is dyslexic. But you know what? I love him. I think I'll keep him :)
Funny Dyslexic T-shirts are available at Cafe Press. That's where I got the shirt photos above.

For reliable information on Dyslexia, visit Schwablearning website .


Anonymous said...

as you know they are super intelligent just in a different way
like those tshirts

mommy3 said...

My hubby does that too, and he's not dyslexic ;)

btw, we were having a great worship time yesterday morning and I thought of you when we started singing "Indescribable" and a couple other choruses you've posted on your blog!

I hope you are having a blessed and stress-free Monday!