Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oh, the Busy Month of June!

Just when the Busy Month of May is always over and I thought I'd have a breather... June is slowly but surely turning into the Busy Month of June! I am actually sort of hyper ventilating as I think about this right now. I will take this moment to organize our schedule. I think that will help the hyperventilating subside....

June 2 - Start of Summer Windsurf Race where hubby volunteer all summer long (for a whole day on Saturdays, twice a month)

June 2 - Women's Ministry Fellowship at church. I am so excited about this. One of my favorite speakers, Karen, who is also my friend, teacher, counselor, mentor and inspiration, will be speaking together with her daughter Jaime. The title of the event? "Victoria's Secret, Revealed:" Isn't the title so clever?

June 6 - Last day of school for kids - yehey!!!!

June 10 - Welcome Party for my Parents - We're inviting all our Filipino friends and acquaintances over to our house so they can meet Tatay and Nanay. It would be fun, especially for Tatay and Nanay.

June 16 - My son attending a birthday party (one of the boys from his Dojang)

June 17 - Father's Day - Panic...panic...I still have to get a lot of gifts! You see, my husband's primary love language is "gift". ANY IDEAS what to give a Father on father's day? PLEASE - give me some ideas!

June 24 - Aloha Oi Party for our very very dear friends, the Sowers. They are moving back to the mainland (work related). Oh, I get very sad when I think about this...very sad...(sniff, sniff). Their kids are very good friends with our kids...and we are very good friends with them. We are going to terribly miss them.

June - I don't want to put the exact date, but my birthday is in June! There are also several birthdays of family and friends and I'm sure some of them will have a party and we'll be invited.

(A deep sigh!) There you go...our busy month of June!


Anonymous said...

take one day at a time
bless your hubby for volounteering
praying your enjoy the womens fellowship and especially Karen's talk
when do your kids go back to school?
what month?

hope the welcome party goes smoothly and everyone including you enjoy the party

we celebrate Father Day in September here
hope your hubby has a nice day

hope the Aloha party is enjoyed by all will they be on the internet when they move if they are youll be able to keep in touch with them

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Lisa when is your birthday???? Happy Birthday my friend

it does sound like a very busy month remember one day at a time

Gretchen said...

Happy B'day "sometime" Liza! In terms of gifts for your hubby...This one is sorta expensive, but given that you're a photog girl, I think you'll like it. I got Big a digital picture frame from Target (about $150). He's starting in a new office in June, and so I thought it might double as office decor. :) Enjoy all your events. Savor each moment.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that how it always turns out? It seems like the same thing happens here. One busy month ends and another begins. Jen has wonderful advice. It is one day at a time. I have to remind myself of that often. ((Hugs))