Friday, June 1, 2007

Wide Awake At Twelve Midnight!

I know....I should be sleeping. Well, I slept a little bit while I tucked in and snuggled with my daughter when I put her to bed....then I woke up...

Anyway, I am at a limbo. I have several "topics" I know I wanted to write about, like:
- my dental paresthesia (due ti my implant procedure)
- my introduction to Pinoy Moms Network (I recently joined)
- my meme post (the good places to eat tagged, by Jen)
- my intro to All about Tweens blog (loooong overdue)
- my son's Taekwondo Tournament (he won 2 gold and 1 silver)
- my blogtopsite story (pride before destruction post :)
- the new book I bought titled "Homo Zappiens - Growing Up in a Digital Age" by Wim Veen and Ben Vrakking. I think is very interesting.
- stuff about Parenting (lots of stuff)
- Why I raise my hand in worship part 2
- our friends moving
- my chronic late to work problem
- Summer Fun (don't you just love summertime?)
- My Bookshelf
- Father's Day (getting closer)

...but I think I am overwhelmed by thinking about them all at the sane time that I am having a hard time creating a decent post.

Ahh... I think I'd drink a warm cup of Ovaltine and will go back to bed. Maybe tomorrow morning I'd be able to create a better post on one of the above :)


Anonymous said...

I hope you got some rest. Just getting the list out had to help your mind to relax. Ovaltine makes me think of when we were kids. My sister loved that stuff!


Anonymous said...

one at a time Lisa
I look forward to reading about them