Thursday, January 4, 2007

Sunday Scribbling: "Kissing"

A father kissing his child's forehead...that to me reflects affection.

A couple kissing after the pastor told the groom "you may now kiss the bride"...that signifies a new life, together as one.

Lovers french, that's passion...a foreplay perhaps.

A young boy kissing his dog's nose... that's silliness, and fondness too.

A young girl kissing her grandmother's hand...that's a sign of respect.

I saw an old lady kissing the ring in the hand of the Pope...that's a ritual...a tradition maybe.

My husband kissing my cheeks and my neck...that's romance.

A mommy kissing her young son's boo boo...that's motherly love.

Judas kissing Jesus...the ultimate expression of hypocrisy, a portrait of betrayal.

A soldier kissing the tarmac when he got off the's good to be home!

Nancy Reagan kissing Ronald's casket goodbye...that's "commitment and letting go". It's a "till death do us part and see you heaven" kiss.

Photo taken from this link

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Anonymous said...

I loved your take on this. Just goes to show that a kiss isn't just a kiss!

PS: Thanks for the post on Making Marriages last. The links are really useful.

Liza on Maui said...

hundred and one,
Yes, "a kiss isn't just a kiss". I'm glad you found the links on Making the Marriage last useful. Thanks for visiting.

Daily Panic said...

kisses are expressions to show emotion when words cannot.
i liked your post & pics.

Beth said...

This is beautifully written!

Paul said...

Beautifully written and inventive. I enjoyed reading this.

Anonymous said...

I love the one about boo boos.
Made me feel so magical when my daughter was little.
Such a touching photo of Nancy Regan.
Thanks for sharing,

JP (mom) said...

Wonderful examples of kissing and the meanings behind them. Much peace, JP

Becca said...

I really like the different looks at a kiss ~ clever take on this prompt!

Lisa @ The Plain-Spoken Pen said...

Liza, that's a beautiful post. The photo of Nancy Reagan brought tears to my eyes.

JHS said...

I remember watching Pres. Reagan's services and seeing Nancy not be able to tear herself away. Heartbreaking. That picture brought all of those memories back.

Inconsequential said...

A very good list of kisses :)

would like to point out your typo in "A young girl kissing his grandmother's hand"...not sure you mean 'his' :)

great post, enjoyed it :)

Liza on Maui said...

Thank you to all of you who visited and commented. I told myself yesterday that I would be "resting" today from blogging (being that it's Sunday, a day for rest :) - But I couldn't. I had to peek :). Anyaway, I have an excuse - it's "Sunday Scribblings" that I am peeking at :)

Dini said...

I really loved this!

Inconsequential said...

Did you know originally Sunday was the day God started his creating?
And Saturday was actually the day of rest?
It was moved in roman times so that the christians could distance their religion from the jewish religion to avoid persecution...

Sorry, don't mean this to be inflammatory, merely a snippet of irrelevant information triggered by your comment :)

Liza on Maui said...

no need to say sorry inconsequential..because you are correct :).

The thing is, it doesn't matter to me what day... as long as one day of the week (7th day I suppose), we really must rest. Resting is good for the body, mind and soul.

Thanks for visiting back :)

Anonymous said...

A very thoughtful post on kissing and a very touching photo. Thanks for sharing.

Daily Panic said...

Your post was very moving. Thanks for visiting my blog. I too am a filipino-american. I live in the south and far away from my filipino culture, but it is always with me in my mother's voice.

Your Style Muse said...

Beautiful post! Pretty amazing at the varied nuances of a single action!

Annie Jeffries said...

Deeply moving and your photo choice was excellent.

Unknown said...

That is a very moving post. I hadn't seen the photo of Nancy kissing the casket. good work.

miss magic said...

gosh, I didn't know how many types of kissing there are. that's a whole new point-of-view for me. and I love it :)
a very, very sweet poem that makes you feel warm and cuddly inside and wanting to hug someone just for the sake of being alive.