Sunday, December 17, 2017

One Step Forward, One Step Back

Yesterday was a great day.  Here are a few of the wins which I consider Step Forward:

  • First thing I did in the morning was my quiet time with God - wrote in my prayer journal - did not check my Iphone - it was a success!
  • I attended a women's fellowship gathering - our Maui Women Live Out Loud Group.  It was great - a wonderful blessing to belong to a group of wonderful women who loves the Lord and love to have fun as well! 
  • Revisited my outline for the Maui Book. Motivated to work on it again
  • Did some changes on my online presence. Motivated to monetize my blog again. 
This morning was a Step Backwards.  I tried to tell my self not to turn on the computer and not to look at my Iphone. I failed on both.

So back to square one.  I need two days of doing the right things first in the morning. With the Holy Spirit's help, I can do this.

Until next time :)

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