Friday, December 15, 2017

Confession and Accountability

How many times have I told myself that I won't turn on the laptop and won't look at my phone until after I did my quite time and meditation? Plenty! Plenty of times! And how many times have I failed to do what I said I was going to do? Plenty! Plenty of times! Gah!  

It's one of those I know what I should do but I am not doing it.  There is a reason why I am successful in my career in social media on Maui - because I love doing it - I love connecting with people who love Maui.  I also genuinely love connecting with family and friends.  

And yes, the tools I use to strengthen these connections are social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram and even SnapChat.  However, lately, I am realizing that I need to re-organize my daily routine to maximize my achievement. 

And by achievement I mean to accomplish the things that are uber important to me.  It's about time to make a change. New Year 2018 is coming. That the year I will make this happen. So starting tomorrow, no laptop, no phone early in the morning.  

Grab the Bible, write on my low-tech journal (as in write with a pen) and also write that book that I had been saying I will publish (even just a short section at a time).  

After I have done those, then I can go online. Sounds good? Sounds good to me.

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