Sunday, June 12, 2016

Grateful at 50

It's my 50th birthday and this morning I decided to write a post on "Fifty Things I am Thankful For".  I am pretty sure you will find yourself on the list. I wanted to write more (expound each item), to tell stories and reasons on why they/you are important and also to name names but this post will be so long and I am sure I won't be able to post in time, so, for now, this is just the quick list version. I am grateful for:
  1. My parents, my Tatay and Nanay
  2. My brothers, Joseph and Relly
  3. My husband, Bradley
  4. My sister in laws, Ate Baby and Gem
  5. My children, Gardner and Noelle
  6. My nephews and nieces - on both sides including kids of cousins; special mention to Jay-em, Joshua and Eli.
  7. My "in-laws in-love” (family from Brad’s side)  Mom, Jeff, Connie, Brynthia and also Holly and Jay
  8. My Tito’s and Tita’s on both side of the family
  9. My cousins on both side of the family (love all my cousins!)
  10. My childhood friends at 491 Apartment
  11. My elementary school classmates (Aguinaldo Elem. School)
  12. My elementary school teachers
  13. My friends in Hagonoy, Bulacan
  14. My high school classmates/friends (Quezon City Science High School)
  15. My high school teachers
  16. My college classmates/friends (UST - the University of Sto. Tomas)
  17. My college professors
  18. Anthony Co and Abigail Florentino for sharing their faith which in turn made me surrender my life to Jesus.
  19. My pastor and boss Dain and Diana; and for Harvest Christian fellowship
  20. My radio pastors Chuck Smith, Chuck Swindoll and Greg Laurie 
  21. St. Ignatius School and Bella Marie
  22. Living on Maui
  23. 22 years of Marriage
  24. Hope Chapel Maui - my past work (my boss and pastor Craig and the staff and elders), past ohana, and current friends at church
  25. Spencer Homes, Joyce and Jesse and everyone there
  26. Hanai Family on Maui - Keplers, Nakagawas and Mochizukis
  27. Sweet friends at "Maui  Women Live Out Loud” 
  28. "Parent" friends (friends who started being friends because of our kids)
  29. Out Pets, Sonny, Bob and Gus
  30. Good Health - for me and my family
  31. Previous employers and friends I met there
  32. Current job at Wailea Realty and friends I have there
  33. Blogging and peeps who became friends through it
  34. Social Media and peeps who became friends through it
  35. A beautiful house with a pool
  36. Food on the table each day
  37. Vacation and Happy memories
  38. Technology - my laptop, Iphone, Facebook  etc.
  39. Schwabbie Friends - never met them face to face but their help at was tremendous.
  40. Maui Sunset and sunrise too!
  41. Rainbow on Maui
  42. Nice and Peaceful Neighborhood; good neighbors
  43. Vacations and Memories
  44. Music I enjoy listening to and Books I like to read
  45. My kid's friends
  46. Beautiful flowers that surround us
  47. Friends (have I mentioned friends already? :) )
  48. My Car, and Brad and Kids cars as well
  49. Missionaries and Ministry Workers around the world
  50. Last but not the least … in fact the most important of all - Grateful to God for giving me life …. and its a beautiful life.

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