Sunday, August 7, 2016

Because Short and Random Is the New Way to Connect

One of my Snaps ... just random pic like this:)

When my family leaves for work on Sundays, I get into this panic mode of "what do I first, and what do I do next?".  I feel a bit guilty that I am the only only one who do not work on a Sunday.  But then I know I shouldn't feel guilty about it.  Because really, it like I am being a "stay at home mom" on Sundays ... I still work, just a home ... chores to do meals to plan and do, etc.  Oh yeah, I do take advantage of Sundays to "rest" and "connect with friends" otherwise, because it's good for mental health and well being.  When my family are tired and grouchy from working too much, I need to be the calm one (i hope :) ).

So this will also explain why I limit my "non-family activities" on Saturday and Sunday mornings - because that's the prime time when all of us are at home.  I was going to run the Vicker Hero Run today but decided not to because that will mean I'd be there and my family will be home. I'd miss spending time with them. The "kids who are not kids anymore" will be going away to college soon (next year) so I try to get as much time with them as I can (that is if they are not working ot spending time with their friends).

So I haven't been blogging much at A Maui Blog - and it still was voted the  "Best Local Blog on Maui" for 2016.  I love my loyal readers.  When they don't see me blogging, they connect with me via Facebook Page A Maui Blog. So I guess, in a way I am still sort of blogging.  Which brings me to why I titled this post the way I titled it.  You see, blogging takes time.  It's a bit easier to blog the way I am doing right now (on my personal blog), just typing away, sort of conversing with you - but it's still longer than just snapping a pic.  And for a Maui blog, what is really needed for the post is for me to do research ... try out products, experience an event or know information about upcoming events for the blog post to be relevant and substantial. Then I really have to sit down and write, upload photos, and revise draft, and proof read ... you get what I mean. Well, I must admit I haven't done much of that. So busy with my day time job and just being with the family.  BUT, I am still sort of blogging and connecting via Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat.  So I didn't mean to use this post to justify my minimal posting on A Maui Blog ... but I that came to my mind and so I typed.  I have plans to revitalize that A Maui Blog though ... I just need to put that plan into action. Maybe you can make me accountable :)

August 10, 2016 will be my mom's 5th Anniversary of passing.  Five years in heaven already.  Every time I think of her, and I think of myself as a mom now, I am ever so grateful for the love and sacrifice she's done for us.  She was not prefect but I can see now how she tried her very best to raise us to become the best we can be .... and she is the best mom for me.

Ok, my blogging time is up. Till next Sunday. Aloha!

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