Sunday, October 25, 2015

To Tell You My Story Is To Tell Of Him

Yesterday after I posted and shared about the story of our reduced income and what we are doing about it, doubt and accusation started creeping in (my own).  A mental debate went in my mind.  Was it right for me to be sharing what's going on with our family on this world wide web?  Well, I wasn't sharing everything. It's a minuscule of what's going on with our family. Nevertheless, however little, I shared, and I made myself vulnerable. As the mental debate heated up and the accusations from the enemy started getting intense ... a still small voice reminded me of what I was actually doing ...  I was telling my story ... to tell of Him ... of His kindness, and goodness, in all circumstances ...

Sure we are in a difficult situation right now, but we still are blessed.  My story is not perfect, but it is my story. It is the story of how God works in my life ... and that I am happy to share.

There is a song that sum this up:

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Michelle Tardiville said...

Story is so important! Your story matters...keep sharing and showing the radical, restoring love of Jesus like only YOU can! What a blessing it is to read!