Saturday, October 24, 2015

What To Do When Afraid or Overwhelmed ... And How Family and Friends Can Help Me Via Amazon

It's weekend.  Bradley is in second job at Costco. Two teens are with their friends, and later this afternoon they will go to work.   When they all left, I felt sort of a panic here at home, trying to decide what I should do first.  I didn't want to be a slacker.  I wanted to accomplish a lot of things.  Most of all I wanted to make extra money but not sure how I'd do it. Next month is the start of our "reduced income" budget and it is kinda scary. I know. I am trusting God. And I really am. But I am also praying that God will reveal to me what I should do, if I need to do something. I want to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. So what do I do when afraid or overwhelmed? Keep calm and talk to the blog - lol!.  Seriously though, I pray and listen, and then use the talents that God has given me. How are you doing family and friends?  If you are in a crossroad right now, not sure of what to do - stop, pray, listen and do. Doesn't that photo on top of this post makes you smile?

A few weeks ago, I'ver set up an Amazon Affiliate account so I can make a little bit of money while doing internet stuff (blogging and social media).  As with everything else, when you are just starting, nothing seems happening and you can get discouraged.  Today I looked at my account and saw that I earned $1.47 - that's a dollar and 47 cents!  The funny thing is instead of being discouraged I was encouraged by it.  At least I know now that my link does work.

The next step is to let family and friends know. Actually not just to let them know but to actually request them to click one of my affiliate links whenever they are going to buy something from Amazon.  It won't cost them anything but Amazon will give me a little portion because Amazon sees it as my referral.  

So how can you help?  When buying something from Amazon, instead of going there directly, please go to one of my blogs first and click on the amazon photos with links in there.  Any amazon banners or logo .. this one below for example

Oppsss, I just hit published when I am not supposed to. I hope the auto feed is has not picked it up yet until after this sentence. OK will re-publish now ...

Ok, more posts later. For now I need to go around the house and decide which stuff should be sold in our garage sales next Saturday. Oh yes, I am doing that too.  Very little bit helps.  Enjoy your weekend!

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