Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wish There's a USB Port In My Head, And I Can Easily Download My Thoughts As A Blog Post ...

... but then again, maybe not.

So many things in my mind lately.  If I don't dump some of it out into my blog (or journal),  I would have an overload ...

There is a radical decision I am contemplating on doing this weekend.  No, I am not committing suicide.  I believe God gave us life to live it abundantly. I love my life - with all it's joys and challenges.  Suicide hurts, not only on own body and soul, but it hurts our loved ones even more deeply. It makes the people who loves us most and we love most suffer.  If you Googled the word "committing suicide" and this post came up and you are reading it, take it as a sign that you should not do it. Enjoy life. E-mail me and I'll talk story" with you..

There is a radical decision I am contemplating on doing this weekend.  No, I am not divorcing my husband.  I believe in honoring my marriage's commitment of "till death do us part".  Sure there are ups and downs.  And maybe romance is slipping away a bit and needs improvement.  Bottomline, I love my husband and he loves me. That is fine. "Romance" (googly eyes on the cartoon as my kids would describe it) and "that lovin' feeling" come and go.  Commitment is the key.  Life is busy, very busy at this stage in our life.  That gooey feeling of romance will come back, when we find the time to bring it back.  For now, we need to find time to be sane and not get caught up with the "hustle and bustle" of this world. To make the right decisions. And to be happy on where we are at.  One of my best friends is moving out of their home next month.  She and her husband are separating.  I do not judge her. I love her so much.  I know both she and her husband are wonderful people and the decision did not come lightly. But I am still sad.  It's just sad to see such a great marriage back then lose it's bond now.  I still am hoping things will be worked out.  I am not giving up hope.

There is a radical decision I am contemplating on doing this weekend.  I do not have the details about it. I have to study every step of the way.  But I am confident it will work out for good.

I cannot tell you yet what that radical decision is.  And honestly, it might seems radical to me but minini to you.  Don't get too excited about it. Don't get too intrigued.  It's just me.... me and the many things that goes on my head that keeps me awake in the middle of the night.  It's just me and my never ending ideas and possibilities. Really, it's not that radical for you, but for me it would be.

I hear my husband's alarm clock going off.  Time to log off the computer. Aloha and a hui hou!

P.S. -

Two of my sweet friends are blogging.  I just added them to my blog roll. Check them out (wonderful blogs!):



Karen said...

said a prayer for you and your big decision. Love you.

June said...

Thanks for sharing Liza. We still need to get together! And thanks for sharing my blog too! oxox