Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Works For Me Wed: Italian Greyhound

OK, I intended to share with you why the breed "Italian Greyhound" works for me. But my eyes are falling - so sleepy. So I am turning this into a "Wordless Wednesday post too. (I know.. I am typing words ... just to explain). Here's a link about Italian Greyhound (click here), and you'll know why it works for me. Oh, if you would like to visit more Wordless Wednesday posts (the real Wordless ones:) - visit 5 Minutes For Moms.

Then I Agreed To Adopting An Italian Greyhound
Sonny, Our Italian Greyhound


Anonymous said...

Aww, too cute. I had no idea there were mini greyhounds!

Karen said...

you have to take a picture next to a spoon so people can see how tiny the (very expensive) little hamster-dog is!!! Him so cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I own two Italian Greyhounds aka Iggies! They are awesome little dogs!
My boys, Hazen and Mike, have their very own website:
www.ImNotAWhippet.com -chuck full of photos, links, info all about them. Come on over and check it out; by the way today is one of my boys birthday- he turns two today.

Iggies work for me too. :)