Friday, November 21, 2008

From The Inside Out and OneWay - both by Hillsong - Then Sings My Soul ...

I couldn't choose just one video for "Then Sings My Soul" tonight. The song "From The Inside Out" speaks so much of my prayer that I want to share it here even though I know I had already posted this song on my blog before (click here with lyrics). Oh, I am sure you will also like this song - come on - sing along, you'll be blessed. I sing this out loud in my car all the time - that's my concert arena :)

Th next video is "One Way". I am so pumped up about reaching out for Youth because I just finished watching Ron Luce's video on Re-Create. It blessed me to see the young people in this video so passionate in worshiping the Lord. Oh, I dance with them too - in our house! Actually I do that raising of hand, pointing to Jesus (or heaven) while singing this song at church. I just don't jump up and down because our church would "not like that" :) during worship. Well, I guess I can but sometimes (or often) it's good to be discreet. So, I just do the jumping up and down in my head. Watch this and you would know what I am talking about:

For more "Then Sings My Soul" participants, go to Amy's blog - Signs Miracles and Wonders and click the links :)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I am so out of touch...I love tsmss so that I can get some new music on the iPod.

the 13 yr old doesn't like listening to praise music in the car...and that is the only time I listen to the radio and the only time I really drive, he is usually with me.

Thanks for two new ones to pick up!

Be Brave, Keep Going said...

never heard inside out before, awesome song!

Jamey said...

great choices! Happy TSMSS!

Robin said...

Oh My Goodness! We posted the same song! God's heart is truely stirring deeply in us my frined! God Bless you!! I have 3 blogs and posted some new posts on each. So if you have some time, I'd love for you to stop by and read a bit. Love your sister in Jesus, Robin

Cathy said...

I love Hillsong, and that is a pretty song. As a musician, I have written songs in the car. I think it is wonderful that the young people praise Jesus like that. I could understand the words clearly. Thanks for sharing, visiting my blog and commenting.


Peggy said...

Blessings Liza...You could share "From the Inside Out" every week and I would listen...well, actually I do listen to it that often, cuz it's on my desktop in English & Spanish! I love HILLSONG! And I even have "One Way"...and I get the head bouncing to the beat, I just do not listen to that one as much!

I love that both these songs fire you up to minister with the YOUTH
or actually Ron Luce! It is awesome to see Youth immersed in worship!
Maybe you need a church that Rocks.
(just kidding) really do need to show reverence also. Praise God!

May the prayer of our hearts be that He change us from the inside out! Enjoy a blessed and thankful week! Thanks for passing by!

Deborah said...

Don't youth have a great way of getting you excited about God. When they start jumping you have to jump with them. We recently had a youth revival and I saw some of the older folks really worshipping with the youth, their way. They made a connection that will last. Thanks for sharing these songs.

sailorcross said...

Hi Liza!!

I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting me!! I've been a little behind in getting back to people!!

I love Hillsongs, and my car is, too, my very own concert arena. I've learned one thing though--don't close your eyes while you're singing. The people in the car in front of you just don't like that!! No, I didn't rear end someone doing that--God opened my eyes just in time!!

Beautiful selection of songs!!