Thursday, November 13, 2008

7 Things and Happenings

*If you came here through Aloha Friday, my Aloha Friday Post is HERE.

Lots of things and happenings and it's easier for me to share on this format for now so I don't get overwhelmed. I promise I will have some substantial and more coherent posts later, but for now, here's a random quick update on what's going on:

1. I attended a 2 hour seminar today on Internet Safety. Pretty good.

2. I received 2 new books to review: a) The Unexpected When You're Expecting by Mary K. Moore (hilarious!) and b) Organize Now by Jennifer Ford Berry (very organized indeed!) - I love both of them and will post the review soon (hopefully this weekend).

3. My daughter N is so organized, I am so proud of her.

4. I met a blogger and tweeter pal from Maui ("e-met" that is). I am so excited. She might become my partner on the A MAUI BLOG blog that I want to fully launch. I won't reveal who she is yet as we have not finalized our partnership yet :)

5. I cooked Nilaga yesterday - oh that broth soup is sooo soothing. Kinda like the Chicken Soup.

6. Christmas is coming soon!!!!! I've got lots to share. Oh please Lord, give me some time to post lots of entries about Christmas.

7. Hey, what are your plans for Thanksgiving? Turkey on the menu?


Unknown said...

I think we're actually making a chicken!lol

Svr said...

Not sure about Thanksgiving yet here...

Thanks for visiting! A centepede in your bed! i heard some of them actually bite!

me said...

love the 7 things posts...and we've having chicken for thanksgiving as well. very much looking forward to christmas :)

Jennifer Ford Berry said...


I am so glad you received your review copy of Organize Now!! I can't wait to hear what you think. BTW-I just want to let all your readers know that you talk the talk AND walk the walk as a Christian. (Liza has been so giving of her time to someone (me) who is new to blogging AND half way across the world in NY). Thanks Liza!!!