Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wuz Up Weekend Round Up

It's was a "casual but productive" day today. I kinda like this kind of day ... maybe it can get boring if it is always like this, but it is also nice to have this kind of day often ... hmmm...

* I woke up early and blogged, hubby slept in (recuperating from the mission, feeling achy). He did not go to his Hapkido class.

* Kids stayed at home and played together. They read books. Played pretend. Watch DVD for a very short time. Played on the computer for a very short time. Helped with chores.

* I de-cluttered Tatay and Nanay's room (again). Gathered "tarshbags" full of stuff (good stuff) to donate to Salvation Army. I even drove and delivered it today instead of procrastinating.

* Did yard work. Gathered all dried leaves (lots of them from areca - we have tons of areca palms in our yard.

* Hubby washed the cars.

* Family went to the beach around 4:30 until sunset. It was nice. We have not done that for a loooong time.

* Hubby and I talked about "finances" while sitting on the sand at the beach, while kids are playing in the water (not so kids anymore - tweens already).

* Out talk wasn't so bad - wasn't so good either but it wasn't so bad.

* You know the movie "Fireproof"? I still have not watched it. Couldn't find the time. No, it won't be a date - hubby does not like those kind of movies. I will watch by myself which is fine. I would like to watch this movie by myself.

* Had chili and rice for dinner. Chili was delicious - from the can ;)

* Listened to Harry Potter Book 1 book on tape.

* N went to sleep at 9 PM, G at 10 PM.

* Hubby watching YouTube stuff; Liza blogging.

And that was our day today.


Stacy@hiswaynotmine said...

Hi Liza-

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I love meeting new bloggers! Sounds like you had a wonderful (and productive) Saturday. I can't imagine how beautiful the beaches are that must be surrounding you...the beach is one of my favorite places! Sounds like wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

I went and read your T18 post about Rebecca. You are doesn't matter how many days God grants us on this is about what you do with those days! I would never go back and take back all the wonderful days we had with Joshua. He was a gift from God in so many ways. I'm sure you must have been such a support and Godly encouragement to your friend as she walked the road of T18 with her precious daughter.

If your friend Jen would ever like or need someone to talk to...please let her know I am here and would love to talk with her or even just listen. My heart aches for every mommy facing T18. The greatest encouragement I can give is that God has each day of that child's life in His hands. The doctor's diagnose "incompatible with life" for T18 babies...but God is bigger and T18 babies can and do live. It is through them that we often understand what life really is!

It was great meeting you. Sorry this was so long! :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the kind of weekend I need. :)

Joyful Days said...

These are the best days, sometimes!

I find it hard to wrap my mind around living so close to the beach and not going everyday--although I am sure I would do the same thing. Life gets in the way!!