Saturday, August 2, 2008

Do I Have To? RagamuffinTop Challenge Continues

"Do I Have To ... ? "

"Do I Have To ..." is the prompt at Sunday Scribblings this week. Funny, that was one of my thoughts this morning - "do I have to run on the thread mill today?" The answer is yes and no.

Yes - because I committed my self to doing this. Yes because I committed myself to the RagamuffinTop Challenge to get rid of this muffin top. I already missed last week's post (I'll tell why later), I need to do one today. And I have to be able to tell everyone that I exercised this week :)

No - I don't really have to. I should say "I want to". I want to do this. I need to do this. For health's sake. For my family's sake. And for the glory of God. And so I did. Now here's the photo of my sweat:
Sweaty. Yes, I ran - believe me now?

And so what happened last week? Long story. Twitter version would be:

* Not feeling well
* Feeling down, not sure exactly why. A lot of things.
* PMS'ing
* Hubby held my tummy and said, you need to run
* Myself heard "you are fat, you need to lose weight"
* Yep - PMS, missed thyroid pills for 2 weeks, stressed about back to school - all those combined is really not a good time for a hubby to be holding my to be holding my tummy telling me I need to run. It did not go well.

* Took some time off from work
* Picked up my thyroid pills and started taking them again
* Period came. Junk came our of my body (sorry, overshare)
* Went to Lavender Farm - had lots of fun time with kids
* First week of school went well
* Brother Joseph started a blog - he is running.
* Brother Joseph inspired me
* Brother Relly called
* Brother Relly loves my kids; my kids love him
* Felt better. So much better.
* Quit Bunco
* Will join a women's Bible Study group

Doing the Ragamuffin Challenge for good health - let's do it Ragamuffin peeps!!!

so... Here's what I have for this week, (I mean last week and today):
7/13/08 - run 1.657 miles in 30 minutes
7/28/08 - run 1.678 miles in 30 minutes
8/02/08 - run 2.350 miles in 30 minutes

Not at par with my goal but is still ok.
Next week I need to run up to 3 miles at least.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support and motivation. Los has put together a great motivational tool here, but it takes people like yourself to make it work!!
Awesome job yourself!! Thanks again and best of luck to you this week!

Tumblewords: said...

Sometimes exercise is my worst have-to and I know that it's directly tied to my survival. Bwah. Congrats on your motivation!

Kamsin said...

I so need to do some exercise! Not quite a muffin top but I have too much flab, and besides I'd feel so much better if I was fitter!
Way to go Liza, now I just need to take up the challenge.

Melody said...

I know exactly how you feel. I went for my run this morning and had to keep telling myself...Yes you have to.I like your Ragamuffin Top Challenge; it’s a great inspiration to keep going. My goal is to run a 5k Run for the Cure in October. I just started running and I am really enjoying it. Good for you for keeping up with your goal and working your way up. Good luck. I really enjoyed your story.

danni said...

points for you for doing something that you chose and made a committment to on your own!!!

A Good Kinda Crazy said...

Checkin' in on ya and encouraging you to keep on a goin'! I've gained almost everything I'd lost so I'm hittin' it hard the next two weeks!

Good luck!

Molly said...

Congrats on all the hard work! I am to scattered right now to join Los challenge, but I swear I love his (and his wifes) blog..what fun humans!

Unknown said...

Good luck to you. I want to take up some exercise but know from past experience running doesn't work for me.