Saturday, August 2, 2008

Do I Have To? RagamuffinTop Challenge Continues

"Do I Have To ... ? "

"Do I Have To ..." is the prompt at Sunday Scribblings this week. Funny, that was one of my thoughts this morning - "do I have to run on the thread mill today?" The answer is yes and no.

Yes - because I committed my self to doing this. Yes because I committed myself to the RagamuffinTop Challenge to get rid of this muffin top. I already missed last week's post (I'll tell why later), I need to do one today. And I have to be able to tell everyone that I exercised this week :)

No - I don't really have to. I should say "I want to". I want to do this. I need to do this. For health's sake. For my family's sake. And for the glory of God. And so I did. Now here's the photo of my sweat:
Sweaty. Yes, I ran - believe me now?

And so what happened last week? Long story. Twitter version would be:

* Not feeling well
* Feeling down, not sure exactly why. A lot of things.
* PMS'ing
* Hubby held my tummy and said, you need to run
* Myself heard "you are fat, you need to lose weight"
* Yep - PMS, missed thyroid pills for 2 weeks, stressed about back to school - all those combined is really not a good time for a hubby to be holding my to be holding my tummy telling me I need to run. It did not go well.

* Took some time off from work
* Picked up my thyroid pills and started taking them again
* Period came. Junk came our of my body (sorry, overshare)
* Went to Lavender Farm - had lots of fun time with kids
* First week of school went well
* Brother Joseph started a blog - he is running.
* Brother Joseph inspired me
* Brother Relly called
* Brother Relly loves my kids; my kids love him
* Felt better. So much better.
* Quit Bunco
* Will join a women's Bible Study group

Doing the Ragamuffin Challenge for good health - let's do it Ragamuffin peeps!!!

so... Here's what I have for this week, (I mean last week and today):
7/13/08 - run 1.657 miles in 30 minutes
7/28/08 - run 1.678 miles in 30 minutes
8/02/08 - run 2.350 miles in 30 minutes

Not at par with my goal but is still ok.
Next week I need to run up to 3 miles at least.

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Toby and Ria said...

Thanks for the support and motivation. Los has put together a great motivational tool here, but it takes people like yourself to make it work!!
Awesome job yourself!! Thanks again and best of luck to you this week!

tumblewords said...

Sometimes exercise is my worst have-to and I know that it's directly tied to my survival. Bwah. Congrats on your motivation!

Kamsin said...

I so need to do some exercise! Not quite a muffin top but I have too much flab, and besides I'd feel so much better if I was fitter!
Way to go Liza, now I just need to take up the challenge.

mgirl said...

I know exactly how you feel. I went for my run this morning and had to keep telling myself...Yes you have to.I like your Ragamuffin Top Challenge; it’s a great inspiration to keep going. My goal is to run a 5k Run for the Cure in October. I just started running and I am really enjoying it. Good for you for keeping up with your goal and working your way up. Good luck. I really enjoyed your story.

danni said...

points for you for doing something that you chose and made a committment to on your own!!!

Dandelion Seeds said...

Checkin' in on ya and encouraging you to keep on a goin'! I've gained almost everything I'd lost so I'm hittin' it hard the next two weeks!

Good luck!

Molly said...

Congrats on all the hard work! I am to scattered right now to join Los challenge, but I swear I love his (and his wifes) blog..what fun humans!

sarala said...

Good luck to you. I want to take up some exercise but know from past experience running doesn't work for me.