Friday, May 9, 2008


We taught our kids telephone courtesy very early on (as soon as they are able to talk and answer the phone). We have gotten a lot of compliments on how our kids are very polite on the phone. The 5 to 10 minutes we spent training them was well worth it.

Here's how they answer:
Krrrrinnnnggggg !!!!! (sound of ring varies :) )
Hello. This is G, may I help you?
Hi! May I speak with So-and-So?
Yes. Please hold on.

Here's how they are to call:
Krrrrinnnnggggg !!!!! (sound of ring varies)
Hello? This is G, may I please speak with So-and-So.

Like what I said, a little training goes a long way....
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Sandra.if said...

for people learning english those expressions are very useful too!

raqgold said...

they answer the phone differently here - they will tell the name first and the other line should also say the name first. so my kids are getting confused with what they are hearing and what's supposed to be right according to what we are teaching them. happy mother's day, dear liza!

Granny Smith said...

The photo is priceless! I'll bet you're more polite than most parents are to their own children. The way to get results!

Robin said...

We're working on this with my son right now. When he answers the phone it generally goes "Who's this hello this is Itai." - all one long word. We'd settle for just a simple hello LOL.

nonizamboni said...

Something to be proud of for sure. One step closer to keeping us civilized. Loved your post!

Lucy said...

I love good manners! way to go Mamma!
happy mothers day to a good role model. :))