Thursday, January 31, 2008

She Speaks, She Blogs, She Hopes, She Bribes


The following post is my entry to the scholarship contest. I did not win, but that's ok. God is in control. If he wants me to go He will provide the way :).


It was in November 18, 2006 when my blogging begun. A certain situation at our ohana (church small group) left me feeling abandoned, rejected, hurt. I was feeling alone, depressed and tired. I needed a “safe place” to vent. I’m a person who’s into journaling, so I did. But I needed more, and so I tried blogging.

“From the top of the mountain looking down, from the pit of the valley looking up and from somewhere in between looking in, my thoughts are written here.” That was my blog tag line. Liza’s Eyeview was born.

Many of my first posts were cries for help, deep reflections, and introspections. I expressed my disappointments over the situation, and at the same time, my trust to God that he knows what he is doing (or allowing) and he will work it out for the best.

I started blog hopping. I was naturally drawn to mommy bloggers, and naturally drawn to Christian bloggers. Nevertheless, I distanced myself from them. Still feeling the pain of being “abandoned and rejected”; and “feeling the guilt of being a working mom outside the home” (most of the Christian mommy bloggers I read were stay at home moms and homeschooling moms), I made sure I don’t hang around in this circle so much.

During blog hopping, I discovered Boomama. Her gracious and funny way of posting gravitated me to her blog like those mega U shape magnets gravitate paper clips. I was stuck. I loved her. It was when Boomama did the campaign “For Kelli” that I realized there is really no point in distancing myself from these lovely Christian women – because truly, they are the kind of friends I need.

To make this long story short, God tremendously blessed my blogging, that now I no longer do it just for myself, but I do it as a ministry as well.

It’s interesting to note that when I started blogging, I only had 7 readers: my 2 brothers and their 2 wives; my dear friend and counselor Karen, and my friend Todd, and hockeymum a Schwabbie friend. Now I am averaging about 170 visits a day. (This week it's averaging 396 a day, thanks to Shannon's Bloggy Give-aways). And to think that I do not have any relatives who read my blogs (aside from my two bros and SIL), and no “live friends” here in my “live community” who blogs, and only few friends on Maui who visits my blog regularly, an average of 170 visits a day is amazing to me. Certainly, God is the one leading those people here. Whether he wants them to read my story, encourage them on their specific situation (like conceiving a child with Trisomy 18, or being depressed and wanting to commit suicide, or stressed out from being a working mom), or for whatever reason – it is humbling that I am able to minister through this blog.

The neat thing is, even though I am now comfortable hanging around with these Christian women on the blogosphere, my blog is not exclusive to Christians, and not exclusive to women. In fact, if you would look at my blogroll, it is a potpourri of bloggers with different beliefs and faith, from all walks of life; – many of these bloggers have become my “friends.” One of my goals in this blog if for “everyone” to feel comfortable “hanging out.” Christian or non-Christian alike. I love them both and hope to minister to all through little blog of mine.

Now, for the main reason I am writing this long post: I want to attend SHE SPEAKS conference. This conference is organized by the Proverbs 31 Ministries led by Lysa Terkeurst. I read information about the conference and boy, it's exactly what I need... and want. I want to attend all the sessions - they are all relevant to me. But most importantly, I found out that there's a special session about blogging.

I found out that Sophie (Boomama), Shannon (Rocks in My Dryer) and Melanie (Big Mama) would be there. Oh my word – I want to give those women a big “aloha hugs.” I want to give them a real hug, not just a cyber-hug. Moreover, I want to bring them chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Boxes of these – not only for them, but also for ALL the speakers of SHE SPEAKS. Yes, I intend to bring tons of these chocolate-covered macadamia nuts to everyone – if I win the scholarship that is.

No, the chocolates are not a bribe.

I lied.

Yes, it is a bribe.

So please pick me now. Please.


Thia said...

I like it, I really do. The end made me smile and chuckle and really, I think that's the way to end a letter like this.

Liza on Maui said...

Thanks Thia - you brighten my day. Even if I don't get picked, I feel a winner already with your comment :)

Have a nice day :)

Kathryn & John said...

I love it. And if I could I would send you myself. Big pink puffy hearts of love to you.

Kristen said...

Sounds great! You always have a great way of saying things!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Oh, I love this... it makes me want to go back and read all of your old posts. I'll have to dig around. I am also in a tough time with some church stuff/people. Maybe reading your posts will encourage my heart. :)

And really... the chocolate covered macadamia nuts should put you over the top. My in laws were in Hawaii this fall and sent us some. Sadly, most of them were covered in a green mold. :( That did not keep me from eating the ones that weren't!

Liza on Maui said...

Thanks Kathryn, Kristen and Cindy for the encouragement.

Cindy, unfortunately a great number of posts (many of the early posts) were deleted at one point when hubby and I had a huge argument about my blog (he hated my blogging. Now, he does not hate it anymore but he still does not like it).

Fiddledeedee said...

I don't know. Bribery always works for me. Especially if it's chocolate in nature! :)

I hope we both go!

Liza on Maui said...

Oh, some godly submissive women might ask ... "if you're husband is against your blogging, why are you still doing it?" It's a long story - but trust me it's good for us. Even our dear marriage counselor, a mature godly woman of God, recommended that I continue blogging even if my hubby didn't like it. It's good for our marriage. I know it's complicated, but it is.

mommy3 said...

I hope you get the scholarship! I love conferences and this one sounds awesome :)

Sandy said...

Blessings on your being able to attend She Speaks.