Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sweet Posts, and Cramming For She Speaks

I am desperately trying to come up with a "winning piece" on why I should win the scholarship to the "She Speaks" conference to be held in June at Concord, NC. I am cramming, just like those days back when I was cramming for my book reports in school. You know, sometimes that's how and when the creative juices flow ;)

The deadline for the above contest is Friday, Feb. 1st. Therefore this post for today will be short and sweet. I hope to put the "winning piece" up by tomorrow (I wish it's a winning piece)

And speaking of sweet, I'd like to point you to two of the sweetest posts I've ever read. Read Scott's here and Cindy's here. This couple makes me sick! ;) Kidding aside, they inspire me. If most couples would be as honoring as them to each other - there will be lesser divorce in this world. Now, go there and read. For some you might need to have a tissue handy.


therapydoc said...

Good luck, Liza. May the words be with you.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Thanks, Liza. Now if you had seen us about 5 minutes before he left for work today you might have different thoughts. :) He is great. Really. Right? :)