Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Go Warriors!

I got this photo from Kailani at Island Life. I didn't get a chance to ask permission so I'm putting a link back. This is is for the Warriors, I think it's ok. Go Warriors!

My husband is going to our friend's house to watch the RoseBowl today. This is an exciting day for us - Go Warriors Go!

Read an article about this Sugar Bowl HERE.


I posted this post this morning. And while doing my daily blog hop, I realized that BooMama posted this a couple of days ago. She'd be cheering for the BullDogs, I'd be cheering for the Warriors. Oh my word!

I am usually not interested in football, but the excitement here on Hawaii (and Hawaiians everywhere) is contagious. I tell you, I might actually watch this whole thing! Exciting!

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