Friday, December 7, 2007


Competition does not motivate me
I desire no opponent
I crave no rivalry
I am a pleaser
Competition does not inspire me

Yet deep inside of me
I have to be the best
There's an intrinsic longing
to excell before I rest

Mediocrity is not acceptable
Good enough
is not good enough for me

in sports it abounds
it brings out the adrenaline
a trophy or medal needs to be won

Thanks but no thanks
competition is not for me
I desire no contest
That is not the challenge I want

Doing best
for the sake of doing best
That is what I am comfortable with
Good enough
is not good enough for me.

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paisley said...

i agree that doings ones best simply so that they areassured they have ,,, is the vest option.... i care not about winning,, but i do like knowing i did my best....

Unknown said...

This was a great post, the one I have resonated the most with so far! Knowing that I do my best is what has always made me feel at my best!

little wing writer said...

what a wonderful view of competition..for me, the best test is can we rest in his perfection...

Granny Smith said...

The very best kind of competition!

Forgetfulone said...

You could have been describing my daughter as well as yourself! Great post.

Rob Kistner said...

Always striving to do one's best is, in fact, an internal competition.

Enjoyed the poem... ;)

Robin said...

I definitely compete much more with myself than I do with anyone else. I now see perfectionist tendencies in my children and am working hard to temper them and help them give themselves permission to err.

Tumblewords: said...

Doing one's best is a good thing - particularly if one is in charge of deciding when that best is good enough. :) Great post!

Anonymous said...

good enough aint good enough - how true...esp. when one is competing against one-self, loved this idea of competition - Thank you.


Anonymous said...

One has to do best. Doing is VERY important.

Go Compete

Patois42 said...

Yes, it is within us, our need to excel, that fuels our fire.

Linda Jacobs said...

Nice subtle rhyme in here! I like it!

tickledpink.nicole said...

I feel competive of your noncompetiveness - LOL. Clearly I have a long way to go on that front!

Preethi said...

What a great take...
And yes Good enough is not good enough for me too..
I agree what we do , we need to do it the best..