Thursday, December 20, 2007

13 Reasons Why You Should Attend Hope Chapel's Christmas Eve Service


I did it again... kept the "invitation" in my backpack instead of giving it away. I am talking about the invitation Hope Chapel handed out a couple of weeks ago for us to give-away. It's still in my backpack. I need to mail it out or give it away now....

This got me thinking.. when I invite someone who is reluctant about coming to church, what would I say to them to convince them to come? Well... let's see... What are some of the reasons they should come?

1. Delicious Pupus and Dessert - I'm talking home made desserts and awesome pupus like sushi, bree cheese fresh baked with a croissant, ham, etc. etc. Hope Chapel always have a delicious spread of food on Christmas eve. Free food - that's a good start.... like what they say "the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach" :)

2. For Moms of little kids we offer free childcare. Moms, it's peace and quite for a couple of hours! The childcare and Sunday School facility at Hope Chapel is exceptional. You've got to see it to believe it. It's like a wonderland. And of course we have great playgrounds. The classes are supervised by wonderful volunteers. When my kids were small, I love coming to Hope and have those couple of hours to myself. There's even a nursing room where you can breastfeed your child in a private room while watching the service via media feed. How cool is that!

3. Touching Hula - If you have not seen or watched a Worship Hula before, you are missing out. This Hula alone is an excellent reason for you to come to the services. I won't even mention that my precious daughter is dancing on the Friday Night services (which you ought to come too), but really - the Hula dances are awesome. Don't miss it.

4. Put a stop to your nagging friends :) - So your friends who had been inviting you forever would finally stop nagging you because you'll grant his/her wish for you to come and attend church with them. If there's a perfect day to come, it's this Monday at the Christmas Eve service.

5. Christmas Songs - Whether you like the traditional hymns, or contemporary music, we both have them. The music at Hope rocks!. It does! (OK, sometimes a little loud for the elderly, but we also have an awesome choir for you who don't like loud music:) We are blessed with talented artists, musicians, singers - you'll enjoy the music. I guarantee.

6. Cool Dudes and Dudettes - I thought I'd throw this in here. Not that the "cool dudes and pretty dudettes" should be the reason for you to come but I just want you to know that we are a cool church. You know how before there's this notion that church going people look like nerds and dorks? Not us... oh definitely not us :)

7. A chance to meet me. Oh, that's not a good enough reason? I agree. But then again, if you really want to meet me, I'd be in front. Just look for the Filipina girl sitting in front raising her hand while worshiping - that's me. However, do not worry about the raising of hand. You won't have to. A lot of people don't.

8. Lastly... and the most important reason for you to attend is: HOPE. There will be a short (I promise you it'll be short and amazing) .. a short message about hope. In this crazy world of ours where there is turmoil and hardships everywhere, would it be nice to hear about HOPE? Where do we get Hope when we feel like crumbling down? A good place to start is at Hope Chapel....

10. I know... this is a Thursday 13 post so I should have 13 reasons. Here they are: Hope

11. Hope for you

12. Hope for your family

13. Hope for our nation

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Come celebrate Christmas Eve at Hope Chapel this Monday, December 24th. We're offering three services - 4,6 & 8pm. It's a family celebration for everyone with carols, a word from our Pastor and dessert fellowship to follow in the courtyard. Children's ministries available for ages nursery through six years.


Samantha_K said...

I'll be attending my church's Christmas service, but if I weren't, I'd be headed to Hope.

Sounds lovely!
Have a wonderful holiday, and happy TT!

Natalie said...

I hope you can get people to attend! :) Have fun!

My probably worst ever TT is up, I tried.

Unknown said...

If you get a video of the worship hula, I would love to see it!

Anonymous said...

We'll see you there :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Liza, we love you, and we'll see you there! We're going to the 4:00 service we think, so we can go later to the ssevice at Makawao.
Love, Bill and Lu

Anonymous said...

Liza and Bradley, Kim and I will be honored to be there, thanks for the invite. Bill and Kim

Melissa said...

The Christmas Eve service sounds great, Liza! I'd be there if we didn't live several thousand miles away. :) We'll be at the service at our church. Have a wonderful Christmas!