Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Blogiversary ...

Now that Halloween is over, we start thinking about Thanksgiving ... then Christmas. These two months have always been the busiest month of our lives - but that's ok because Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite time of the year.

And oh, there's another very important event happening this month - my blog anniversary or what the blogosphere calls "blogiversary". Yehey! To celebrate this important event (ehem, yes, it's important) I will once gain do a give-way. I will announce it later because I still don't have a clue what item I will give -away. If you'd check out my "Starbucks" gift card give-away postI am getting hundreds of comments (246 as of this posting) - we are one "coffee addict" generation aren't we ;)

To celebrate my blogiversary I also decided I will buy myself a T-shirt as a gift to myself. Isn't that pink shirt nice? There's a lot of choices on Cafepress .. Let me know if you find a shirt about bloggin that's very funny. I might still change my mind.

P.S. More funny shirts here. (readers discretion necessary).


UPDATE: Photo from the Hallelujah Party - I was the BRATZ (I know, I don't like Bratz either, but it was an easy costume to do ;). More photos later.


Joyful Days said...

Happy Blogiversary, Liza! You've been a blessing to me this year. Looking forward to your holiday postings!!

Always in Him,


Janice said...

Happy Bloggiversary, Liza!!! You are a hottie in your Bratz costume! ;-)