Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween & All Saints Day

Tonight America will be "celebrating" Halloween. Kids and Adults in costume will go around "trick-or-treating". Some who do not want to celebrate Halloween may opt to go to some Pumpkin Festivals, Harvest Celebration or Hallelujah Party - but it's still similar: kids in costumes, candies, etc.

Tomorrow, Philippines will be remembering the dead as they celebrate All Saints Day. Families will gather in the cemeteries to bring candles and flowers and remember their loved ones who passed away.

Growing up in the Philippines, I had never celebrated Halloween in costumes and candies. Oct 31 is not a big deal - Nov 1 is. On November 1st, we go to the cemetery...

Although Halloween celebration here is "fun" (I love getting costumes for my kids and I enjoy watching all other kids in their costumes!) - I am a bit nostalgic of the All Saints Day celebration in the Philippines. Looking back, I can see it's value... not only sentimental value, but family value as well. It may even have some spiritual value, because gathering around the tomb of family and friends can cause us to think about our life ... and makes us ponder about life after death.

I like All Saints Day because it's a family reunion time. We see relatives in the cemetery, and we go to catch up about how everyone is doing. It's a solemn celebration with candles and flowers, but it's also a bit festive, with food and laughter. As a kid I remember collecting melted candles instead of candy treats. It's the thing kids do on All Saints Day. They go around the cemetery and collect the wax dripping from the candles and they turn them into this big ball of wax.

And so today, in line with the tradition of All Souls Day or All Saints Day, I am remembering a blogger (Nattie). May her legacy lingers on.

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raqgold said...

we've got both worlds when we were in manila, but i enjoyed nov 1 more :D

Anonymous said...

We dont celebrate Halloween last night we ate popcorn candy floss and watched a dvd

SeƱor Enrique said...

Today is November 1st here in Manila. Although many will be braving the gridlock traffic to and from the cemeteries, there are some who had already visited their loved ones' gravesites the other day, or will go tomorrow instead to avoid the crowds.

Nonetheless, despite the major inconveneiences, All Soul's Day, has become a very significant family event for most local Pinoys!

Oh, yes ... a major street party last night must have been held as usual in Malate to celebrate Halloween night. I wasn't able to go, though.