Friday, August 31, 2007

School's Open House

We went to our kids school's open house last night. It was nice to get together with their teachers and classmates, see some of the works they have done in class and to meet other parents. My kids go to a public school. I know for some parents that sounds "scary", that's why you home school. But this public school that my kids go to is an excellent school and I know their teachers well so I am comfortable with it. Tatay and Nanay came with us and they were impressed. Here are some more photos from the open house:


Katrina said...

School starts next Tuesday for us, and even though it should be old hat, with Katie starting third grade, I still get that little buzzing feeling of anxiety in my stomach thinking about it. Part nervousness at having her out of my sight, part missing her as I go through my day.

At least I still have one year left with Caleb at home. :)

By the way, we really like our public school, too. With Katie's special needs, we've come to appreciate the great team of teachers and specialists that work with her through the year. They've been such a blessing!

(Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your comment!)

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

How wonderful that your parents got to go!

Caitlin, my oldest, is attending a wonderful public school in our neighborhood. I really feel blessed that we have such a great school right up the road.

Mixednuts said...

Hi like your blog. Just wanted to say that I too make it a point to attend events at my children's school. Meeting other parents and teachers will only do good.

Rena said...

Very impressive! The kids look so proud and happy. Hope they have a wonderful year.