Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Frazzled Factor - Relief For Working Moms - 7 Simple Steps From Guilt To Grace

I know I shouldn't be hanging around our church bookstore because I like buying books and I'm a sucker for bargain. So today, even though I still have about 3 new books that I still have not completely read, I bought another book. But how can I resist? It was 50% off - the bookstore was having a grand sale! Beside, I think I really "need" this book. Really. I do.

So anyway, the title, as you probably already know is "The Frazzled Factor - Relief For Working Moms - 7 Simple Steps From Guilt To Grace" by Karol Ladd and Jane Jarrell. I had quickly browsed it and I know I need to read it thoroughly, the digest and apply what it says.

Let me give you a sample of what she said...actually a list she made (page 20 of the book).

The Guilt Factor At A Glance
1. Realize that the guilt is there
2. Develop strategies to counteract the guilt
3. Determine if there's anything you can do differently
4. Learn From Challenges
5. Working Mothers are good Role Models.
6. Remember that your true employer is God
7. Remember that God uses the rough spots to help you and your children grow.

There's more on the list. But since I did not ask permission to re-print, I am only quoting a few of the list. I guess you'll need to buy or borrow the book. I'll let you know how the book is. I am not really that guilty, but I am quite frazzled at this time. Let's see what this book has to say...

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