Sunday, August 19, 2007

Blessed Be Your Name - Songs of Matt Redman Vol. 1

A dear friend gave me a CD "Blessed Be Your Name - The Songs of Matt Redman Volume 1". It now lives in my CD player in the car. I kid you not, I have listened to this CD over and over again - on my way to work, and on my way back home, everyday since I received it. EVERYDAY.

Why do I like this worship CD? I think it's because Matt Redman knows what it means to really worship. The lyrics of the songs are simply what one should express when confronted by the awesome presence of God. It's full of adoration and praise.

When I am at church singing worship, sometimes I get bothered by some songs in which is it more of "give me, bless me, take away my pain" kind of songs. Not that they are bad. And I believe there's a place for it. But to worship... to worship means to take the focus away from our selves and to look upon God. And when we look upon God, we can't help but fall on our knees, face down ...or bow our hearts to adore Him.

I can't even tell you what my favorite worship song is on this CD because they are all my favorites. Some I am familiar with when i got the CD like the "Blessed Be Your Name", "The Heart of Worship", "Everything That Has Breath", "Let my Words Be Few" and "Better Is One Day"; some I have heard of the title but have not heard of the song until I got the CD, like "Face Down" and "Once Again"; but others - it's the first time I've heard like "The Father's Song" and "Holy Moment" and "I Will Offer Up My Life".

The quality of audio (the technical stuff) is not as excellent as a "soundman" would want, but that really does not take away much from the CD. It's a live rendition and it makes the worship seems more meaningful to me too and I can sometimes hear others singing in the background with Matt Redman.

I highly recommend this CD to those of you who loves to worship God through songs.


Kristen said...

I like Matt Redman. I have some of his songs on my iPod. I agree with you. His worship songs are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I have that CD! It's fantastic :)

Anonymous said...

oh girl.... yes.....
and he does know all about worship. its good stuff!