Saturday, August 18, 2007

Making Fun Of Other People's Disabilities Is Not Cool - It's Cruel

MamaP posted something about these 14 year old girls who were making fun of people with Tourette's Syndrome (Aug 15th post titled Tic'd off) and it made me furious. I went to YouTube to try to find it - but to no avail. I was ready to rag on these girls - and I was hoping that somehow their parents can be told of their cruel acts. Maybe not finding the particular video was a good thing because I was planning on embedding it here to "humiliate" them. But if I do that, then I would be going down to their level, and that I don't want to do. Granting that these girls did not intend to be cruel, that they were just having fun, - they need to be taught that "having fun" at the expense of someone else's humiliation is unkind.

Since I did not find that particular video, I decided to make a simple post addressed to us parents to remind us to teach our kids kindness and compassion - especially to those with disabilities. If you are doing it already - great. If you have tweens and teenagers, they need reminders every now and then because this age is notorious for making fun of others.

I googled Tourette Syndrome and I have chosen this particular article to share with you. That's where I got the picture above.


Anonymous said...

Great article. Not many parents also know this syndrome so we just need to spread the word that it is NEVER good to make fun of people.

Anonymous said...

thats really sad
I went to school with a girl whom had Tourette's Syndrome she was nice and they cant help what their bodies do

hope someone teaches those girls a lesson