Monday, August 20, 2007

Da List - The To Do List

I've been awake since 4am. tried to get back to sleep but couldn't. Got up at 4:30 and blogged my heart away. I blog hopped like crazy. It's Monday morning. you know what this means.

Before I get too carried away blog hopping, I thought I should share with you my to do list. I was at the dentist office last Friday and while waiting for Dr. Yee to look at my tooth, I decided to scribble my To Do's. And when i say scribbled, I meant "chicken scratches" scribbles - and so it's actually good that I'd type it here so I can print out a nice copy. I updated a little bit and took out the ones I've already accomplished this weekend. Here it goes:

1. Write and mail thank you notes to Joyce and Jesse, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dave, Mom and Heather.
2. Mail the thank you note (this is my weakness. my cards never gets mailed)
3. Call: a) Joseph, b) Kaiser, c) Mom, d) County of Maui Senior Services, e) Relly
4. Write Menu for next week. (Maybe I can copy from some of the participants at Menu Plan Monday. Yeah, that's a great idea!)
5. Review IEP notes; Follow up on what needs to be done
6. E-mail: a) Suzanne and Gina (Schwablearning friends), b) Jenn, c) Ate Baby, d) Todd, e) Eryck
7. Update Family Calendar and schedule of activities and events. Print out a copy.
8. Create a Schedule (routine) poster and basic House Rules for kids. Print and post a copy on the wall.
9. Get costumes for Kili and Mike's 60's party
10. Pick up glasses (it's only been a month since they called that it's ready for pick-up)
11 Call for Thyroid Pill refill (I'm out!)
12. Schedule a Mammogram (I got a call from my doctor that I need to do this, No worry, it's a routine check up only because I am over 40)
13. Tire change (been procrastinating on this)
14. Go to Napa to purchase the missing bolt on one of my wheels. (been procrastinating on this too)
15. Blog post on "Reflection Blogger Award" received (thanks Julie!)
16. Return books to the library (eekkkk!!! late again! due last Saturday!)


Vicky said...

My husband and I just bought his-n-her matching Palm Pilots. They keep everything from "Da List", your contacts, your calender,to your favorite fotos, and so much more. And what's great, anything on one can be "beamed over" to the other. Too cool!

mommy3 said...

You know, I always think of you on Sun nights/Mon mornings. (God is faithful to remind me to pray for you.)

I am a list-writer and it seems my list is never ending... I hope you were able to get some things crossed off! (I giggled to see I was on your list. That's one email done LOL.)

Anonymous said...

Yep I understand your list, it's 3:55 am right now and look what I am doing. Up and can't go back to sleep and thinking of all I need to do. I often find if I can just write it all down on paper I feel better. And I also need to do #4 and #12. :)
Since I am up and reading your blog at this time I will also pray for you right now, so this comment comes with prayers attached. LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

If I'm the Todd in #6...way to had the email written first thing this morning! You're tackling your to-do list like a pro :-)

Liza on Maui said...

Yes Todd, you're the one.
It's amazing how much I am accomplishing Da List after I blogged about it ;)

Yes, Jenn, I've done my e-mail to you too :) - thanks for your prayers, and for always coming to my rescue on my tech related blog stuff.

Vicky, I also bought a Palm Pilot. One time teh program in our computer got messed up and I stopped using it. I need to go back and fix it..

Sandy, thanks :)