Tuesday, August 21, 2007

10 Practical Ways To Reduce My Stress (ok, it's more than 10)

On this post I shared the ways I will and am dealing with stress. That includes the usual ways like a) pray b) trust God c) worship d) read the Bible and so on...

In addition, I also would like to list down additional ways of dealing with stress ... some little ways, some unusual, some bizarre, and some wouldn't make sense to some - but these are practical, easy to do, and some are fun... These WORKS FOR ME:

1. Make a list - sometimes I feel overwhelmed thinking I've got so many things to do only to realize it's not that many once I put it on paper.

2. Smell some of my favorite smells. Yes, some calls it aromatherapy. Some smells that comfort me are: lavender, vanilla, baby powder, cinnamon, fresh linen, fresh apple pie, sandalwood and Vicks vapor rub.

3. Sleep - getting enough sleep never fails to reduce my stress. The problem is I couldn't find enough time to sleep. And now instead of sleeping, I am blogging!

4. Oh yeah - Blogging.

5. Bubble Bath - same comments as sleep - guaranteed stress reducer, I just need to find the time to do it.

6. Massage - it would be nice to get it from a professional masseur. That always works for me. Actually, my hubby WAS a professional masseur so it works (if I can get him to give me a massage). Wel,=l, I can get him to give me a massage, but there's a trade, if you know what I mean... ;)

7. Coloring and painting - coloring, as in coloring a kids' coloring book with Crayola. Painting, as in painting using the kids' water color. These two activities works well for me. They are great stress reducer. I can also add playing with Play Doh here.

8. Reading a Book - ahhh ... it's a rest to read a wonderful, interesting book.

9. Rubbing my feet on a mosquito net - I told you some on my list would be bizarre to you.

10. Drinking a cup of hot Ovaltine Malt; or a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow; or a good Chai.

Oh... there's a lot more. I remember Noemi suggested pampering myself, maybe going to a beauty parlor. I used to do this a lot when I was younger and without kids. Actually, when I was in college, whenever I am stressed about a major exam, I always go to the university all made up. My theory: in case I fail the exam, at least I look beautiful ;)

I'm sure my friend Cassie would have "running" on her list. Others would write walking, biking, swimming, or whatever exercise they are into. I think I should have added walking on my list of 10. I like walking!

Another person I know would add dancing. Yes, dancing can reduce stress. Those who loves to do scrap booking would have scrap booking on their list. And on, I forgot to add - laughing. Reading or watching something funny to make me laugh works sometimes.

This post is my "Works For Me Wednesday" post. I did share some of the stress relievers that worked for me - would you mind sharing some of yours? Maybe I can copy. Please share them ... leave a comment ;)

Speaking of sharing, a lot of bloggers are sharing ideas at WFMW headquarter. Go there and check them out.


Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

I love coloring in coloring books, too! My son was begging me to color with him a few weeks ago but I thought I was too busy. Finally, I gave in. That was th best hour I'd had in awhile!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy a good cup of chai!

Exercise is a must when I am dealing with stress. It is an instant fix for releasing pressure.

Thanks for sharing this!

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle said...

I laughed so hard at the foot-rubbing-netting comment! Growing up in India, we always had to sleep under netting. If I had a hard time falling asleep all I had to do was rub my toes over it. Done deal!

Marcia Francois said...

Hi Liza

THese are great ideas! Have you considered kickboxing? It is THE best stress relief :)

Organising Queen and
Marcia's take charge blog

Andrea Frazer said...

"lavender, vanilla, baby powder, cinnamon, fresh linen, fresh apple pie, sandalwood and Vicks vapor rub" I agree with this list. But I'm embarrassed to say I have no idea what sandalwood smells like! I do, however, know about Vics Vapor Rub, but I don't get enjoyment from it. Is it, by chance, a childhood memory? I enjoyed this post. Thanks so much.

elaine@bloginmyeye said...

Tai chi is the best stress reducer I've found.

Anonymous said...

marking things off my to-do list works wonders!

Anonymous said...

good list Liza
with number 1 I would break the chores into small manageable pieces.
Also this morning at my bible study group I relearnt that if you are thinking Oh I cant do this if you change the list once written into I can things it helps too
Everything is possible through Him

Unknown said...

When I'm stressed I relax when I'm able to sing, make music another way, take a shower, or write a letter to an organisation that needs a firm approach.