Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Town Mouse & The Country Mouse

It's a fun prompt at Sunday Scribblings this week. Let me start of with the Aesop's Fable on Town Mouse and Country Mouse. We used to have a picture book based on this story. My kids and I read that book many times and thoroughly enjoyed it's story and lessons:
A Town Mouse and a Country Mouse were acquaintances, and the Country Mouse one day invited his friend to come and see him at his home in the fields. The Town Mouse came, and they sat down to a dinner of barleycorns and roots, the latter of which had a distinctly earthy flavour. The fare was not much to the taste of the guest, and presently he broke out with "My poor dear friend, you live here no better than the ants. Now, you should just see how I fare! My larder is a regular horn of plenty. You must come and stay with me, and I promise you you shall live on the fat of the land." So when he returned to town he took the Country Mouse with him, and showed him into a larder containing flour and oatmeal and figs and honey and dates. The Country Mouse had never seen anything like it, and sat down to enjoy the luxuries his friend provided: but before they had well begun, the door of the larder opened and some one came in. The two Mice scampered off and hid themselves in a narrow and exceedingly uncomfortable hole. Presently, when all was quiet, they ventured out again; but some one else came in, and off they scuttled again. This was too much for the visitor. "Good-bye," said he, "I'm off. You live in the lap of luxury, I can see, but you are surrounded by dangers; whereas at home I can enjoy my simple dinner of roots and corn in peace."

I was once a City Mouse. I was born and I grew up in the busy city of Manila, where many of the largest Malls in the Asia (and even of the world) are located; where tall buildings arise; public transportation is easily accessible; universities abound; and night life is happening and potential career opportunities are found.

In 1994, I moved to Maui, and I'm now a Country Mouse. What a difference it was. When I first arrived here, there was absolutely no public transportation except for a very few taxis which costs an arm and a leg (not good for someone like me who didn't know how to drive then). There were only two "little malls" in our area (very tiny compared to the malls we had in Manila). Most of the stores closes at 6:00 PM. There was no university in the island, only a small Community College. Career opportunities are limited. And night life? Forget it ...

"So which one do you prefer", you may ask. The answer is: Country. Like what the story above illustrated, even though the abundance of the City has it's advantages, I find it dangerous to live there. I like the peace and quite of a small town... I am a Country Mouse.

The story above is taken from HERE

Picture is from here.


Anonymous said...

we have read that stroy before its a great one

"I was once a City Mouse. I was born and I grew up in the busy city of" Auckland and In 1994 to 1996 I lived in another busy city Christchurch and In 1996 I moved back to Auckland.

Then in 2004 I moved to the Hawkes Bay and where I am now a semi rural a Country Mouse.

I like living here too much better than the bussling hazzling city life
"I like the peace and quite of a small town... I am a Country Mouse." me too sister

Kristen said...

I haven't checked your blog in a few days, and I had to catch up!

You have such cute posts! I've never lived anywhere exotic like that! I'm just a Plano mom! But, I think I'd be a country mouse, but not too country. I do like me a comfy bed!

Joyful Days said...

What a sweet post!!

I have lived in both the city and country and loved things about both of them.

Now I have two boys and wouldn't you know it--one is a country mouse and one is a city mouse. One loves the quiet and chance to run free, the other loves the hustle, bustle and traffic. It is so odd. I pray they each get to live as a grown-up where their hearts are peaceful.

gautami tripathy said...

Liked it story yet again.

Both have good and bad points.

Anonymous said...

Like you I'm a country mouse. I live in the suburban of DC and Baltimore but I prefer to be in the country sides. It's just right now, jobs are in the urban areas.

Great to find a country mouse Mama like me :).
It's great to Maui from a local's perspective.

Patois42 said...

You've clearly seen both examples in the extreme. How lucky! I'm glad you're happy where you are now.

Regina said...

That's quite a move from Manila to Maui! I think I would have to agree with you, though- even though it may not be as exciting where you are at, it's the simple things in life that are so important!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I couldn't live in a big city, but love my small city surrounded by country!

Forgetfulone said...

I had forgotten all about that story!