Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Family Traditions

I was planning to blog on Christmas Family Traditions but once again my "blogging time limit" is up. Last year I started a discussion on Schwablearning message board about Christmas Family traditions so i thought I'd post it here for now:

Schwabbie friends share their Christmas Family Traditions

Also, I dug up some archives from a fellow blogger who also likes celebrating family traditions on Christmas:

Renny's Christmas blogs from last year

Merry Christmas everyone!

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DigitalRich said...

Hey Liza- DigitalRich here. THanks for visiting my site, and for the listing on your blogroll! I appreciate it, and will also add you to mine. I enjoy your writing. Hey- I lived on Oahu (2nd grade through 6th)- my father was in the Air Force. I sure miss it there!