Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Broken Car and Dental Visit Updates

I got a call from the auto shop mechanic yesterday. He gave me a quote of the extra parts I have to pay. I almost fell off my chair when I heard the quote. Just for the parts (timing belt and Water Pump), it'll cost about $400 dollars! The new radiator, all the labor are covered by warranty. The news made me worry and I told the mechanic to hold off replacing those parts until I tell my boss. The car is a company car and yes it's the company's responsibility to pay for the repair...but I still felt like it's my responsibility to pay since it broke while I was on a personal trip. You see, the company I work for is very generous to me. They let me use this company car as my personal car too. Anyway, I was hesitant to tell my husband about it and was hesitant to tell my boss. My plan was to ask my boss if the company can pay when we get the car and then they can deduct from my salary installment basis.

Today my boss asked me - "How's your car - have you heard from them?" I was quite nervous when I said..."well... the repair will cost us a lot of money". His face looked worried when he asked "How much?". I said "four hundred dollars!" waiting for him to exclaim "that much?". Much to my surprise, his faced looked relieved and said "that's all?". I said, "well,I was afraid to tell you because it's too expensive" He said., "that's nothing. go ahead and tell the mechanic to replace those parts". Yehey! I didn't have to say "he can deduct from my salary" - the company is going to pay for it! God is good!

Now, about the dentist visit.... it went well. Okay, I lied - it was ok. No, it was PAINFUL! Our lady dentist pulled my molar and it wasn't easy. They had to anesthetize twice. I was planning to blog the detail of that ordeal but on second thoughts I'd rather not. Let me just say that I am on "hydrocodene" at this moment. I was given a prescription of 20 pain reliever pills - take every 4 to 6 hours as needed. I know I'd sleep well tonight.

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