Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Caroling

Going to my kids Christmas Program made me nostalgic about "caroling" in the Philippines....

Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia on what this caroling is about:
In the Philippines, children also celebrate Christmas with the traditional Christmas caroling --going from house to house singing Christmas carols. Makeshift instruments include tambourines made with tansans (aluminum bottle caps) strung on a piece of wire. With the traditional chant of "Namamasko po!", these carolers wait expectantly for the owner of the house to reward them with coins. After being rewarded, the carolers thank the owner by singing "Thank you, thank you, ang babait ninyo (you are so kind), thank you!"

I happen to find a site called Maligayang Pasko that contains lyrics of some of the familiar Filipino Christmas songs. This made me feel nostalgic. I threatened my husband that I am going to buy a "karaoke" to sing Christmas carols every night until Christmas. You should have seen the horror in his face!


FOR 2007 UPDATE and to listen to tagalog Christmas songs, click HERE


Anonymous said...

Hi Liza! I've tried a lot to comment here but have problems since you use Beta Blogger I think.

Wishing you a happy weekend!


Liza on Maui said...

Hi Renny,
yeah, I use Betta Blogger and I moderate the posts so it won't publish until I read it in my e-nail and give permission to publish. At any rate, I'm glad you visited again. I this little trouble of the comments not posting will be solve.
Happy weekend to you as well.

Erin said...

Sing! With or without the kareoke machine :)

-Biscotti Brain

Liza on Maui said...

Biscotti Brain, Thanks for visiting. You're right, I should just sing with or without the karaoke machine. I'm teaching our kids the song "Sa maybahay and aming bati" and they're having a blast! :)

Anonymous said...

Lat Saturday we had a Christmas party over here and one of the guys surprised me by playing Tagalog Christmas Songs.
I wanted to cry! I felt so nostalgic!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful story!

Liza on Maui said...

Hi Duke, I understand what you're saying - I also get teary eyed listening to Filipino Chrsitmas songs...haayyyy - nostalgic nga!

Hello Sarakastic - thanks for visiting. I went to your blogs and enjoyed it very much. I will add you to my list of frequently visited blog :)