Thursday, November 26, 2020

Reviving Liza's Eyeview - Full Circle With a Twist

While it seems counterproductive to start another IG account on top of all my projects right now, I think this is a good thing. I need an outlet for my thoughts. And sometimes, releasing my thoughts and anxieties into a post is cathartic.

Here is what I wrote on @lizamaui's instagram:

On one hand I wanted to make this Instagram account public because I desire to inspire people with my life and writings, on the other hand I want to keep this lizamaui private because I post photos of my family and I respect their privacy. 

I needed a place for me to be authentic. I needed a place for me to “dump” my thoughts, to unwind, to unburden, to muse, to reflect. In the process I want a record of my struggles, my failures and successes. 

A place to share my joys, celebrations and lessons learned. 

My hope is for my children and grandchildren to read it and learn from it. A legacy of sort. 

No, this is not just another social media account. It is so much more. After all the musings a revelation popped. I’m going full circle. 

Back to where I started. I’m blogging back at Liza’s Eyeview ... but this time it’s gonna be different because my thoughts will also be on Instagram, with videos and such. 

So, I won’t be posting much here @lizamaui, but you will find me at @lizaseyeview (that is if you want to find me; no pressure in following it though. Only follow if it will help you, if it will inspire you or simply make you feel better. I may or may not follow you back.) It might actually be entertaining. Who knows. I’d just keep on doing what I do best ... reflect, reflect, reflect. 

(P.S. - I placed @auntypineapple in hibernation to give room for @lizaseyeview in my phone ☺️🦋🌈🌺)

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