Sunday, June 23, 2019

Re-Start and Life Scale

Today is a tough sobering day. A young lady we know died in an accident. She's 19. It was sudden. She was full of life and very much loved.  Praying for her family and loved ones, especially our friend who loves her so much.

Life is precious. It is also fleeting.  We don't know when it's our time to go. Make the most of it. Love. Love deeply.

I had been thinking about restarting this personal blog. Today seemed to be the right day, so I did. I use this blog to retrospect and introspect.  I like it when I can think out loud. I know I attempted to revive this blog several times now. It is ok. Not giving up. Just doing it without pressure.

The month of June 2019 is almost over. Half of the year is almost gone. How are you doing with accomplishing your goals for this year? Me, so and so ... inconsistent. I'm doing a restart on July 2019. Want to join me? 

I am planning to write more on my Prayer Journal (offline) but I am also planning to be consistent on my journal entries here. Yes this is going to be on my online journal ... something to keep me accountable - a combination of  "brain-dump" and "introspection journal".

A Maui Blog is going to be upgraded to a full website instead of just a blog. My friend Erik is helping me do this.  Have lots of plans. I am telling myself I can do this. 

There are many times when I "envy" people who are naturally organized. They are naturally great accomplishing the things they need to do and fulfilling their goals.  But alas, I am reminding my self today to not envy. I am who I am. I come with gifts and with imperfections. Sure I have to work hard to be organized and follow through with my plans and goals.  That is ok. I am who I am.

Using these 2 books. One Thing and Life Scale as my guide to Re-Start. 

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